Turbulence Finally Steady

My what a day!!!

After a very short sleep last night.  I was awakened earlier than I would have wanted to.  But nevertheless,  I couldn’t get back to sleep anymore so I just rolled around my bed waiting for time to press me on and move.  It was my scheduled travel for Manila today.  All I had to do was eat up, take a bath, then go to the airport where my travelmate/officemate awaited.

Upon reaching the entrance of  the Davao International Airport, I realized I left my digital camera.  Damn!  What a time to forget it!  Oh well… can’t turn back now.  So my travelmate and I trudged along to have ourselves checked in then proceeded to the waiting area.  We found ourselves the nearest seats to the entrance of gate 7 (the gate indicated in our passes that we would embark on).  But as fate would have it, Cebu Pacific announced over the PA system that we would be boarding our aircraft through gate 8.  Crap!  Another “oops-darn-moment” for me.  Not only will we have to climb down the waiting area stairs and then climb up through more steps to get in the plane, but I wouldn’t be able to go through the “tube” (ramp) upon entrance – another missed opportunity same as last year’s vacay escapade with my bff (but that’s another story).

Once seated and after all the hoopla of the flight attendants executing their demonstration for any flight mishaps, my stomach started to remind me that I didn’t bring along in-flight snacks and drinks (which wasn’t helpful in relaxing much).  It was fine though since I knew I could survive the 1 hour and forty-five minute flight without food and drinks.  So I let the snacks cart pass by without buying anything for my tummy.  I even joined the in-flight games and won the 3rd and last prize courtesy of Centrum Complete (I got a bag and a couple of free sample vitamins).  After which I took a short nap to alleviate the throbbing of my temples.

Woke up after a few minutes – still with a slight headache – and read the Smile magazine for bits of news.  Saw the last page with food ads available during the flight but still ignored it believing that it’ll be 45 minutes more before touchdown and I can finally satisfy my food cravings.

Big mistake!!!  Turbulence hit us with quite a punch.  It must be because of the rainclouds we passed through.  The first one was surprising but half-expected.  But through the rest of the flight, we would pass by airpockets that would shake our aircraft every once in a while causing such a delay from our expected time of arrival.  Turns out my 45 minute wait resulted into a 1 hour and 10 minutes wait.  Which was hard for me since I started to feel it’s effects reverberating towards my head.  Sigh…

When we finally landed, it was raining in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).  Good thing I brought along my jacket and my travelmate had her handy-dandy umbrella.  As we walked (a long walk) towards the entrance/exit of NAIA, our “sundo” was running late due to heavy rainfall.  We ended up taking a bus just to get across NAIA and have our [very] late lunch at McDonalds.  We were finally fetched by my travelmate’s friend’s friend then went on to pick up their common friend from her house.  Just a side comment.  It’s so tiring to travel around the city especially if you don’t have your own ride.  Good thing we were entertained by someone who had a car.

We finally checked in at our hotel (GoHotel) in Mandaluyong.  After all the formalities at the front desk we went on to our room.  We took a long time in entering our room since my travelmate and I (being first timers in a keycard automated room lock), had our fill in opening our door.  Our room was quite small but cozy. (I will post a picture in a while.)  The best part was the shower.  The location wasn’t bad either since it’s just along EDSA, and just near with malls.

After setting up our things and taking a little rest, our little party of 6 (me, my travelmate, my bff, my travelmate’s friend, my travelmate’s friend’s friend, and my travelmate’s friend’s nephew) went off to SM Megamall to have our dinner.  Upon getting there, me and my bff went off to eat at Tokyo Tokyo and my travelmate and the others went off to another direction to eat.  We met afterwards and were dropped off at the entrance of our Hotel.  While going up, we talked about how tiring the day was and how the smell of the car freshener (or was it someone else’s scent) wasn’t friendly with our noses.

Finishing up the California Maki which I had taken out and freshening up (I LOVE THE RAINSHOWER!!! HOT AND COLD RULES!!), I’m ready to call it a day.  My bed is so inviting… all soft and comfortable sheets coupled with chiropractic pillows (which was bragged about over their website).  I would highly recommend it for travelers who are looking for a more affordable place to stay but doesn’t sacrifice quality.  Just book earlier.

I may not be certain how my ride to our Manila Head Office would be tomorrow nor how our scheduled meeting would turn out tomorrow, but I’m definitely and certainly looking forward to having a good night’s rest.



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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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