Not Ready to Let Go

Ok.  I’ve just bought myself a new phone – Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10 Mini Pro to replace my Nokia 5800.  For now I’m still reviewing if the X10 Mini Pro.  I just discovered that I’ll be overhauling all my stocked “techie” knowledge about mobile phones with this one.  A number of my needed (and wanted) features are not available in the X10 Mini Pro.  Features such as: Bluetooth File Transfer, Saving MMS, Group Contacts, and an easy access key for dialling. I’m also not sure if I can make conference calls.

The X10 Mini Pro is one small touchscreen phone.  I can’t complain about the camera because it has 5MP.  But I kinda miss the zoom in function of all normal phones which I have owned so far.  I just hope that on the next software update, it would provide the functions I am looking for.  I know there are some android apps which have been developed to address these concerns, but I would prefer a more easier means of resolving this rather than bombard my phone with so many applications.  I even have a hard time following the guide in  rooting the SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro.  Too many computer terms (or maybe I’m just slow).

So for now, I’ll be holding on to my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music until I get the hang in operating an android phone.

Do any of you guys know an easier way in rooting a SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro?  Would appreciate your help!  Thanks!

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