QR Codes

I first encountered QR Codes when I was watching 1 episode of CSI:NY season 4 (?) a few years back.  In that episode, Lindsey (Anna Belknap) was able to trace the suspected culprit through the QR Code imprinted at the back  portion of the postcard (the evidence).  What amazed me was the ability of her phone in grabbing the details from that small code.

So what are QR Codes?

QR Codes are what are called as matrix codes or two-dimensional codes which can be read by QR Scanners, mobile phones with cameras (but I think you need to have a certain application installed since my other phone can’t read QR codes on its own), and smartphones.  These “codes” are arranged in a square pattern composed of black boxes or what they call as modules.

QR stands for Quick Response since the information is automatically decoded on your screen (if your phone has this function).  Data encoded may be a url, text, phone numbers, or sms.


Aside from being featured in tv shows (1 that I know of…), QR Codes are also famous in Japan.  Largely because QR Code was created by a Japanese corporation – the Dens0-Wave – in 1994.  It was primarily intended for tracking vehicle parts but it’s use has long evolved into something more contemporary.

QR Codes have been used in artworks, identity cards for some countries, and other mediums (for some artists).

So why the sudden rekindled interest?  Well, as I mentioned in my previous post I got myself a new phone.  An android one (that’ what it’s called in the market and for some expert techies).  Turns out, it has a Neo Reader – an application that can read QR Codes.  So I tried it out, and it can read the code even through the computer monitor.  What fun!

What came next?  Making my own QR Code.  Good thing that the use of a QR Code is free of any license.  Although the patent rights is owned by the Denso-Wave Corporation (to whom the term QR Code itself is a registered trademark), they opted not to exercise them.  Bless them!

So here’s my QR Code sample which I generated from kaywa.

My QR Code

If you have a QR Scanner, a mobile phone with camera (that has a QR Reader), or a Smartphone you’ll be able to read the link encoded here.  Sweet right? ^__^

I mentioned that I’m not ready to let go of my old phone, but I’ve decided to look at the brighter side.  After all,  X10 Mini Pro packs quite a wallop for a small phone.  It just needs getting used to.

So for those who were able to accidentally come by my blog and have read this post, here’s a little message for you (take out your qr scanners, smartphones, or mobile phones with qr readers):

Just a simple note.

For those who aren’t able to read this: Ha! too bad for you! Just kidding!  It says:

Thank you for visiting my blog.  Hope you’ll keep on reading! Take care always! ^__^


So cheesy.  Haha!  Thanks for coming by!

By the way, for those who also would like to generate their own QR Code visit this site.


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  1. just not able to read it though.. tsktsk!! meron ba mura na cellphone na maka read na ng ganito? 🙂

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