Sakura Spell

One of my most loved Animé while I was still studying was Card Captor Sakura – Sakura Kinomoto: a young girl who was tasked to capture the Clow cards she unintentionally released.  Aside from the “cute-ness” of the show, what I liked most was her cheeriness and her Sakura Spell (term coined by Cerberus).  Her Sakura spell is simply: “Everything will be alright.

For the skeptics and the depressed, the statement is a bit overrated and a bit cheesy.  But nonetheless, it sparks a tinge of hope, and – in the line of thinking in the show – gives renewed strength and courage in giving it your best shot.

So why the short trivia?  Maybe it was because I kept on thinking about that last night.  You see, last night was our small despedida (more of an intimate family gathering) for my aunt (my mom’s youngest sister) and her husband who will be returning to Japan by Saturday.  We had dinner at Bakbak then went back to my Tita’s hotel room to finish setting up her Facebook account.

My mom and I were the last ones to leave and as we started saying goodbye, my aunt hugged my mom for a few moments then cried.  She was sobbing like a little girl.  You see, my aunt just had her second miscarriage and from what she’s been sharing to Mom, a lot of things are bothering her and my other aunt (who also has her family in Japan) is not in good terms with her.  Most of all, she misses my lola (their Mama).  Geez… talk about being lonely and really sad losing 2 babies over miscarriage.  Mom (their eldest girl in the family) even said that it really is hard not to have their Mama around.  A mother’s love is just different.  Good thing they have each other through thick and thin.

As for me, I sort of envy them.  Sisters have bonds and experiences together would be an alien thing to me.  Being an only child, I rarely have someone to confide with in times of trouble (except for my soul sisters perhaps), no sibling rivalry, and basically, nobody to share “family moments” at the same wavelength.  But that’s another story.  Back to my tita.

I guess it’s in our blood to always bounce back after exposing a bit of ourselves to others.  So when my Tita calmed down, I asked them to pose as a souvenir.  Picture addict that she was, my tita posed as she always did.  All smiles, and all vain when in comes to her eyebrows.  On that note, we left and started walking home.

Before turning in for the night, I texted my tita the Sakura spell and Peter Pan’s charm (think happy thoughts).  I would have done it in Japanese if I only remembered the exact wording. Daijobou… I used the english version instead.  Poetic perhaps?  I wouldn’t know.  But I hope I was able to get the message across.


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