My 2nd Fun Run

Just a week after my first fun run, there I go again joining the 12th Jollibee fun run. I wasn’t able to sleep early than I would have wanted to the night before but nevertheless, it was an uninterrupted sleep up to the time that I needed to wake up.  I guess the jitters I got the week before has mellowed down since I knew what to expect. I knew that I was going to be running alone since my bff bailed on me and Daddy D was feeling under the weather.  Oh well… at least I had my iPod to keep me company.

Daddy insisted in driving me to the starting point since it was too early to go traipsing along on my own.   A couple of blocks to the starting point, it started to drizzle then rain lightly.  Dad asked if I’ll continue and I decided to get through with it.  After all, I was already there.  There were some runners who opted not to continue because of the rain but there were also others – troopers – adults and kids alike who didn’t let the rain bother them.

It was my first fun run under the rain.  Prior to running, the sponsors of the run had a few pre-run stretching and exercises.  Then it started to pour.  It was a rain-or-shine event so after the pre-run hoopla, 5K runners were off. The rain really started to rain on all of the runners upon reaching 500m making the roads quite slippery.  Better to tread on lightly. Suddenly, sirens wailed  coming to our direction.  And behind it?  The would be winners of the 3K run parent and child division.  Woh boy.  They sure are fast!  Well they sure had the body and the stamina to win.  Good for them!

As 5K runners, we were told to grab two cords. The 1st one from the 1.5K (turning point of the 3K run) which was the red cord, and the 2nd one from the 2.5K turning point for 5K runners  – the blue colored cord.  So after getting one red cord only 1K to go to reach my turning point.  Then it struck me.  My left side (just above my ribcage) started to hurt.  I had difficulty breathing and the rain wasn’t helping.  So I opted to take it slow.  The female police trainees were there again and they passed me while voicing out their chants.

fun run marching

Here they come, and there they go. A couple of minutes more then the female police trainees were running back already.  SIGH.  One of the female runners who was just a couple of distance away from me upon starting the run was already heading back to the finish line.  Double sigh.  But nonetheless,  I didn’t want to push it.  My side was still aching and if I started running again I might not be able to breathe very well anymore.

So there I was, walking under the rainfall and sprinted once in a while the the spurts of energy I could gain. Finally reached the turnaround mark, grabbed my blue cord and sped along the way.  It was a relatively easier run since inertia (or whatever proper physics word is right) was helpful enough in running downhill. The rain droplets were starting to really hurt my skin and the biting wind was both welcome and unwelcome for my sweat and rain-drenched body.  I feared what it’s effect would be come tomorrow.  A couple of minutes more and I knew I was nearing the finish line.  With all the running energy I had left, I sprinted towards the finish line – heading for cover.

I finished my run for almost an hour.  Not something worth for Guiness records but  since my purpose was for exercise, it fulfilled its purpose.  I walked towards the Marshall’s booth to claim my Certificate of Completion then proceeded to another booth to claim my free food. I rested a bit by the stairs on the side of NCCC mall and observed my fellow runners.  All of them had companions to talk to, take pictures with, and have someone to watch their back while changing. I was already itching to change but it would have to wait since I had to look for a perfect spot.

I ate my free breakfast although I wasn’t hungry.  I just didn’t want to have to carry excess baggage in going home.  I saw a couple of runners who had their pictures taken with the Jollibee mascot.  I had quite a laugh when runners were all posing for the camera then Jollibee suddenly himself to play peek-a-boo. Haha!  I guess we all are kids at heart.

kidz @ heart

As they were announcing the winners for the different categories, that was my cue to take off.  As I was walking along, I saw a gas station and that’s were I finally changed.  Their restrooms are well-maintained and a number of runners were lining up there too.  So I guess I didn’t have to feel stupid being there on my own. I failed again in rounding up companions to keep me company and at the same time promote wellness, but I’m proud of myself that I was able to resist my dad’s persuasion nor let the rain put a damper in not starting/finishing my run.


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