What A Weekend

Weekend started earlier last week since it was our Kadayawan Festival. Although there were many scheduled activities all over the city, I wasn’t so enamored to go around town.  Aside from the lack of funds, crowds aren’t my thing and, frankly, I was sucked in (AGAIN!) into picking up on my PvZ.  LOL.

However, by Friday afternoon I met up with my bff and my Wednesday proxy BF at the mall.  I had my netbook checked since it seems its battery wasn’t charging.  Turns out I had to send it off to their main office for testing and since it was a Holiday… no office.  I was suppose to drop it off on Monday at Columbia Computer Center but for the past 2 days the battery seems to be charging fine already.  Weird.  Maybe my baby got scared to go see his doctor.  Anyway, Friday evening, we spent it at Pronto Mario.  My other officemates were supposed to have met with us that night but I didn’t get any info from them whether we were going to play billiards or paint the town red.  Well… maybe next time. At least I had fun with my companions.  BFF taught me a new way to surf but I guess it’s only good if your signal is good.  At home it didn’t work well. I ended up not having 2 days worth of blog.   *SIGH*

My Coffee Buddies

The Last Three Pieces


My kumpare (the father of one of my godchildren) invited me for dinner as it was my inaanak’s (godchild’s) 1st birthday.  Although I was quite hesitant to go since it was WAY out of the city proper and I didn’t have anyone to go there with AND I might get lost, I went there anyway. Glad that I did though.  The freshly-picked lanzones was SO sweet that even large ants couldn’t seem to stay away (even though there were remnants of the fruit being burned to keep the ants off).

I ended up watching the movie “The Legend of Secret Pass” with the kids.  I wasn’t able to hear much of the movie dialogues but I got the drift.  How I wanted to send MMS to my BFFs but our group lines got cut-off.  Bad Timing. (Luckily I was able to bring my other phone that I was still able to contact my kumpare in getting directions in going to Tugbok.)

The Birthday Girl

“Ninang, I can walk na!”

I was quite relieved in seeing one of my officemates who was also invited.  At least I wouldn’t be much of a wallflower then. When it was time to eat I felt like a princess.  My officemates took care of me in “serving” me food to eat.  And I have to say, the Lechon was DELICIOUS and the Spaghetti was DELICIOUS too!  The hunger I felt prior to dinner was well-satiated with the scrumptious food that decorated the whole table. (Thinking about it now makes me hungry!)

Since it was midnight sale in malls over the city, Tatay and I went ahead of the others.  Kumpare gave me a bag of Lanzones for the road which Tatay had his fill on our bus ride to the city.  We went to NCCC Mall so I could purchase my contact lens solution.  He also accompanied me to Gaisano Mall and find out what happened to our phone line.

Getting Cut-Off

All my energy was sapped out of me upon being informed that there was 3,+++.00 worth of unpaid bills as of August and the 1,+++.00 was for the monthly bill for September.  Although I already paid the bill (as it was my turn to pay for it this month),  our lines got cut-off because of this.  It was bad enough that no prior warning was given,  the fact that the extra charges incurred wasn’t even used consciously was the worst part.  I’m still thinking if it’s because of my Android phone.  Could it be that my phone automatically connects to the web?  And if that’s the case?  How do I turn it off? It’s SO depressing and downright unacceptable.  I keep on rehashing WHY?

Sleepless Night

Tatay was kind enough to drop me off at our house after noticing how troubled I was.  Although he saw his ex,  he seemed to have felt duty-bound to keep me company.  As I was preparing for sleep, random thoughts of our phone disconnection kept me awake.  I kept tossing and turning looking for a comfortable position to rest but to no avail.  Around 4AM I texted my BFFs apologizing. Although the official SOA has not yet come out for the proper breakdown of charges,  at the back of my mind I could only think of one culprit. My phone.

DARN IT!!! I couldn’t shut off my thoughts.  Twisting round and about,  my thoughts kept on taunting me until fatigue set it.  Come Sunday morning, full-blown depression finally set it.  I’m thinking of ways to pay for the bill so as not to trouble my friends.  And Top Priority?  Switching off the auto-web feature of my phone.  But unfortunately,  my phone doesn’t come with a user guide.  The installed guide was erased.  So what now?  I’m stumped.   I’ll have to look it up online.

Waking up this morning was such an effort.  Another sleepless night and all the heavy thoughts I have,  It’s a wonder I was able to come for work.  I’ve checked the internet but I can’t find what I’m looking for.  *SIGH*  I’ll look it up later.

To my BFFs: I’m so sorry.   It was never intentional.  I didn’t even know about these settings.   I’ll make it up to you guys.


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