Walking and Wandering

I asked my dad to fetch me from my office last night.  Unfortunately he wasn’t available.  So I ended up taking a jeepney ride to get home.  My head was pounding and was starting to bother me.  With all the things going on, my headache in the background was NOT helping.

I opted for a different route in getting home.  I dropped off by the place where I usually have coffee (since I had to buy something from the convenience store as well) and started walking home.  For a highway, the roads were not flooded with motorists.  In fact, just a few cars passed me by.  While walking, my thoughts seeped through my headache and my mind was again focusing on the PROBLEM.

I’m still going over and over every inch of detail I know about the statement I received from our phone’s network provider.  I need to look for enough funds to pay up especially if it’s really my phone’s fault.    So as I was walking, I noticed a couple of things:
1. Most graffiti have the same fonts (and that I’m quite amazed by the color combination they have – clashing yet complimenting each other);
2. Music is always good company – you wouldn’t feel tired as long as you have music with you (just make sure though that cars and people who pass you by wouldn’t be seeing you laughing and dancing on your own);
3. There’s always something new to discover even in streets that you’ve been passing through for the most part of your life (I found out our neighbor has a roaster store already);
4. There are perks and drawbacks in being on your own (self-explanatory why);
5. Mobile phones should always have load (like totally!);
6. The radio will always have a special place in my heart (especially if I finally get to meet two DJs I’ve always admired);
7. Hearing new songs are always refreshing (and catchy too!);
8. Having a hand towel is a must for sweaty individuals (yup!);
9. Motorists and people whom you pass by would always stop and stare at you (wondering why you would prefer walking); and
10. It’s been quite some time since I’ve had someone to walk hand in hand with (Ooopss!! How did that get here?! Too NEKID!) LOL

Walking feet and a wandering mind sure have an interesting mix. I rarely let my mind wander and if I do, I seldom pay attention to all the escaping thoughts my brain releases. But coupled with the time and the opportunity to really let them settle is quite relieving. From thinking about our bill, to intraception, and to self-realizations my mind is just one complex puzzle giving out problems and solutions, barriers and escapes, and other myriads of thoughts processed in the background that make their way through to surface regardless of being connected to the topic or not.

Hmm… now I’m confusing myself. Nevertheless, I’ll run this by again and see where I’ll end up. The day’s almost over and I’m wondering if I’ll walk home again tonight. Decisions. Decisions.


About d@rk_@ngel_kn!ght

A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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