Simmering Up and Cooling Down


If only I were the type who would speak out full of poison on somebody, I’d be banned in blogging.  My mind and whole being is currently brewing with anger and frustration.  There should be a law passed out on managers who think that every breath you take, step you take, move you make is for their own pleasure.  As if you live and breathe to cater to them!  GRRRR!!!

Managers can be SO obnoxious and downright rude.  If I were the type of person who’s disrespectful and arrogant, I’d give them a piece of my mind.  UNFORTUNATELY, being in my position doesn’t give me an outlet in complaining.  Add to that is the fact that our new “would-be” manager is a SUCK UP.  Goes to show, birds of the same feather… make good feather duster.

Why am I so worked up?  Well the fact that I corrected one department manager in using the wrong form for requesting new personnel and reminding her that the new form was already cascaded to them.  She even had the the audacity (just cause she’s a manager) to deny receiving any, stating that shouldn’t it be “someone’s” job to provide for the form [right there and then].  ARGH!!

Walk away, just walk away.

After stewing away in my cubicle thinking angry thoughts, and trying to keep my temper in check (since I still had loads to do), I decided to distribute memos over the different departments as well as accompany our agency representative to make rounds.  We went up the silo building (all through the 8th floor), admiring the view of the sea.  Then climbed down the spiral staircase to the milling building then back to the office.  The short break calmed me and by the time I was back in my cube, I was relaxed enough to finish my work.

I know Managers have their own up and down days.  But there is no defense for tactless ones and those who are downright arrogant and rude.  Sure I’ll still do the work you keep on assigning me and the various tasks given to me but respect and confidence is not something that can ever be demanded.

So it’s weekend again.  At least I have a couple of days away from work.  Good.


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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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