A Rose by any other Name…

Would probably be a Sampaguita.

Well… for me anyway.  I rarely get flowers.  Even in my previous relationship, flowers seldom come along (except when asked or in really, REALLY selected occasions).  I remember telling my ex that it didn’t have to be a special bouquet of tulip and any of those exotic flowers  or long-stemmed rose, just the ordinary Santan, a clump of Bougainvilla or Calachuchi, or any of those wayward flowers seen by the roadside would already make my day.  But I guess, my powers of convincing didn’t appeal to his “romantic” side.

So why the sudden trip on memory lane about flowers?  This morning, my Daddy D gave me a piece of Sampaguita.  It was so unexpected but, at the same time, exactly what I’ve been hoping for – a perk-me-upper.  The gesture definitely cheered me up despite the first-hour work madness earlier.

The fragrance of the flower, although too strong for my senses, has been wafting through my nostrils has been a constant reminder for me to take a breather and detach and review myself once in a while.  Catching a glimpse this white flower puts a smile on my face and helps me through.

Here’s a snap of the flower Daddy D gave me.


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