Boys… is that any way to treat a lady?

Girl power at one of its finest in Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Finally, I was able to see one of the movies I wanted to watch. My three proxies finally gave in to my prodding and accompanied me yesterday.

The movie had a great share of action for the guys to enjoy; quick-thinking and reflexes for girls to admire and be proud of; the jump-from-your-seat-zombie-surprise trademark of the franchise; and, add to that, the LOL moments so wisely interjected in between.

Watching the movie had to make me recall my Resident Evil knowledge since my seatmates weren’t able to follow the whole franchise. But, nevertheless, watching it with the guys was equally fun and memorable. And when the ending credits rolled out, they were teasing me and riling me on a personal joke, that Alice‘s voice provided the perfect punchline:”Boys… is that any way to treat a lady?”


By the way, the shower scene of Milla Jovovich (Alice) and Ali Larter (Claire) was SO COOL!! (it’s nothing sleazy okay.)


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