Watching DESPICABLE ME last yesterday was such a treat for me. I’ve been eager to watch the movie since last week. Finding out that my bff already saw it only fueled my desire to watch it. Add to that, the reviews I’ve read and the trailers I’ve seen have been very promising indeed. Since I went out yesterday, I decided to watch it (finally!). I had such fun watching the whole movie. Although the plot was just simple, the feel-good aura of the movie was so sweet and touching.

Characters/Moments from the movie I’ll Always Remember

I’m listing down the characters and moments that have made the movie memorable for me (no certain order being followed):

1. Agnes – the sweet, adorable, and cute little orphan and youngest of the lot. Her pure innocence and sweetness is SO endearing that it’s no wonder Gru would give in to her. She just loves her unicorns.
2. The Unicorn Song – “Unicorns I love them, unicorns I love them. Uni-uni-unicorns… I love them”. Sung by Agnes, the song tends to stick to your brain and lets you sing along as well.
3. Margo – she’s a smart one. I like how she takes care of her siblings, and how practical she is. I especially loved her when she hugged Daddy Gru when kissing the girls goodnight.
4. Dr. Nefario – I got a kick out of the “boogie robots” when it should have been cookie robots as well as the fart gun instead of a dart gun. LOL.
5. Minions – Bob/Jerry etc… can I keep them? I love that they provide humor in between scenes by being… well… minions.
6. Edith – her tomboyish nature is a perfect combination with Margo’s smarts and Agnes’ cuteness. She’s always game and reminded me of Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls.
7. The Three Sleepy Kittens – When Gru agreed to read the book and had his fingers move the puppet kitties in drinking the milk was just a classic. The book got  “accidentally destroyed maliciously” as per Gru.
"a two year old could have wrote this"
8. Gru – the main character of the story. He didn’t know what hit him when he adopted the three. Basically, for a villain, he wasn’t so great. But for a dad, he wasn’t so bad either. His personality and humor was just right on the spot.
9. Fluffy Unicorn – “It’s so fluffy! I’m gonna die!!!”
10. Bomb/Rocket Beds – It sure beats the traditional bunk beds.
11. Fairgrounds – Rollercoaster ride and destroying the unicorn booth. Fun-neee.
12. Light  bulb!
13. Puckles cheeks “Does this count as annoying?”

Oh yes…

14. The Lonely Unicorn – the book Gru made was such a tearjerker. His nose however, extracted a different reaction.

One big unicorn strong and free,

who thought he was happy as he could be.

Then three little kittens came around

and turned his whole life upside down.

They made him laugh, they made him cry.

He never should have said goodbye.

And now he knows he can never part

from those three little kittens that changed his heart.

Okay, I better stop enumerating my fave moments and characters. All in all, the movie was great! Anyway, I’d like to share this article which I read last Saturday.

Have fun reading and hope you’ll enjoy the movie too!

By: Pam Pastor
The Philippine Daily Inquirer,
September 11, 2010

1. Cute goes a long way. A very long way, especially if your name is Elsie Fisher and you provided the voice of the adorable unicorn-loving Agnes.
2. Villains have hearts, too. At least this one.
3. Movies can make you want to buy things. We’ve gone on a bookstore rampage, searching for a copy of the puppet Three Sleepy Kittens. And yes, we want a unicorn too, one so fluffy we’re gonna die.
4. Movies can make you want to buy things you cannot buy, not even if you had access to all the money in the bank of Evil. We want minions, lots and lots of minions, real minion – and we don’t mean the plush ones from Not the mascots on the yellow carpet at the LA premiere, either.
5. Sometimes, cookies aren’t just cookies. They can be evil robots that want to steal your shrink ray.
6. We like Gru better than Steve Carell and we aren’t bothered by this, not in the least bit.
7. Julie Andrews is just lovable – even when she’s playing a horrible mother.
8. Some movie characters are so adorable you’ll be tempted to steal their cardboard standees outside the cinema. But you won’t. Because deep inside, you’re actually innately good, just like Gru.
9. Some people, no matter how long they’ve been around, can still surprise you. Just like Pharell Williams did with the incredible work he did in the movie’s musical score and soundtrack. We have the Unicorn Song on the repeat now, and we’ve become instant Pharell fans.
10. There’s no point in wanting the moon.


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  1. it’s sooo fluffy, i can diiiiieeeeeeeee :p
    watched it yesterday in 3-D with ate peach

  2. nice blog and thank you for the share

  3. hello, love from finland. your post looks great. Mind if i quote it in my blog?

  4. When baby girl says “it’s so fluffy im gonna die” she is overwhelmed. Just look at her face when she has to carry the unicorn(which is bigger than she is). She shows a scowl on her face. Gru should have carried it for her. Her legs are so short that the unicorn bounces off the ground as she walks.( bump…bump…bump..). If you were a real little girl i would have carried it for you baby girl. oxoxox

  5. thanks, very good =)

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