Google Earth

Google Earth

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I first saw Google Earth when I went out with my guy friends last Friday.  I wasn’t able to try using it (since I had no need for it yet) but I suddenly remembered what my Dad had wanted to ask of me in relation to looking for sites.  I guess this was what he meant when he said that it was sort of a satellite feed of a certain place to find it’s exact location (or if you’re techie – coordinates).

I’m not quite familiar in using Google Maps much less in using Google Earth.  But since it appealed to my interest, I installed it in my laptop.  The first few minutes were spent in downloading the application (seemed more than minutes especially for my internet connection).  After it’s full installation, I ran the app.

It was a slow process at first and, since I didn’t go through with the tutorial, I wasn’t familiar with the buttons at all.  Nevertheless, the application seemed user-friendly enough.  After all, if you could read and paid attention (even for the least bit) during geography class navigating Google Earth would be quite easy for you.

Upon first look, you would see an image of the globe amidst a starry sky.  Then on the left side would be the different options for searching locations, preferred view, etc…  On the right would be the controls of zooming in and out, and rotating the 3D globe.

I especially had fun when I was able to see how our house looked like from a satellite view.  There were a other areas which were hazy and I’m wondering if I’m the one who made a mistake in installing or maybe there might be other reasons.

Google Earth also offers sky viewing (wherein you would see the constellations), ocean view, and viewing of the Red Planet – Mars.  I think that’s offered by Google Earth Pro.

So if you’re a traveler by heart and would like to explore different parts of the globe even by just starting at the comforts of your home, I would recommend that you get yourself Google Earth for your enjoyment.  I haven’t explored the application at it’s full capacity yet but with what I’m seeing, it already has a lot to offer (even if you’ll just download Google Earth).

Google sure has given key benchmarks in how we see the world,  how to affirm your existence, and how to keep in touch in this world.  It indeed has become a “small world” after all.


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