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The King of Fighters (film)

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I was able to watch The King of Fighters film last Monday night.  The movie is based from the fighting game of the same name (almost like Tekken, Street Fighter…).  Although I wasn’t much of a fan of the fighting game series,  I knew some of the characters and some basic background on others courtesy of my ex.

Regardless of my little knowledge, I had expected something better – if not for the storyline then at least the effects and fight scenes.  I admit in being no expect in KOF, but sad to say though I seem to have expected too much. Same as other made-to-film games, there were a LOT of deviations from the games.  What made the movie unique was it’s fight settings.  Only chosen players are given the chance to fight in the arena.  The arena being in a different dimension.  The players get “called” in a fight and they enter the fight by putting on their earpieces.  They leave the arena when someone wins, and the winner grabs a circular orb hovering by after the match.

At the start of the movie, first seen is Mai Shiranui (played by Maggie Q) who has been called to fight against a male fighter (I didn’t get his name).  After winning the fight, Mai is transported back to the present world wherein she  meets up with Iori Yagami (played by Will Yun Lee).  They were off to a private viewing of artifacts at the Boston Museum.  The artifacts were the three treasures of the three clans who sealed the Orochi, – Yagami clan: the necklace, Kusanagi clan: the sword; and the Kagura clan: the mirror.  All three artifacts were a means in summoning the Orochi.  Rugal Bernstein (played by Ray Park stole the three artifacts in his desire to be the King of Fighters.  Rugal taunts Iori to join him in conquering the world and merge all the dimensions together.  Thus starts their race against time to defeat Rugal.

If you’re a KOF fan, then the first omission you’d notice was Mai Shiranui’s red “ninja” robes and her “well-endowed” figure.  Iori Yagami seems quite tame compared to his fighting game counterpart.  But, he seems more appealing as a troubled character, fighting the rage that threatens to consume him when he gives in to madness inside him.  Another deviation from the fighting game is the love triangle Mai seems to forge with Iori Yagami, Kyo Kusanagi and herself when for the longest time in KOF, Andy Bogard has been her fiance.  Speaking of Andy Bogard, his brother – the Terry Bogard character (played by David Leitch) seemed like a loser compared to the game.  Most of the time he didn’t know how to defend himself.  Sean Faris who played Kyo Kusanagi seemed a bit out of place.  For the rest of the characters, since I don’t know their background, were colorful backdrops and add-ons for the story.

I missed not being able to see their signature fight moves and their fiery attacks towards their opponents.  The closest there was to that was when Kyo hurled his “conjured” (for lack of a better word) sword towards Rugal thus slicing him and defeating him.  One of the best scenes that reminded me of the video game Boss’s stage came on the last part.  Mai, Kyo, Iori, and Terry vs. Rugal, Vice, and Mature.  Too bad though that it was more on combat fighting.

But that’s just my two cents worth.  I didn’t provide too much summarization of the movie cause I might make errors in my details.  All in all, I still enjoyed watching the movie particularly being able to see the live portrayal of well-loved classic game characters.


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