Going Out With The Guys

Last Friday night, my guy friends and I went out. A final “hurrah” (so to speak) for our group to hang out complete since two of my proxy ‘boyfriends’ have already resigned from our company. 1 was resigning due to personal family matters, the other in pursuit of a better opportunity. I can’t say I blame them. If the same circumstances were pesented to me, I’d probably take the same option.

Farewells are always bittersweet. Especially when it’s saying goodbye to people you’ve gotten close to even for just the small period of time. I will especially miss making memories with them, the constant bickering and heated arguements (mostly on my part!), the irritating way they annoy me, the tender way they worry about me, the way they treat me as one of the guys, how they “fight” over my attention, and, simply, the special friendship we’ve forged from hiring to resigning.

Ahhh… Such fond memoires to reminisce. Too bad though that I’m on the losing end. Looking for replacements will be equally tough for me. But nonetheless, can’t let personal emotions get in the way of professionalism. I’m hoping for the best to my guys.

Anyway, getting back to our night out. I was pissed off at first since the venue they chose wasn’t what I exactly expected in spending our time together. We went to Idol bar at Torres St. The crowd was quite massive and the noise (no, I don’t consider it music anymore) was blaring. I left the guys since bar scenes really weren’t my thing. Jerry followed me outside. He accompanied me in eating my dinner. After venting out my annoyance (and getting a few realizations of my own), I let myself be coerced in returning. I was still a bit uncomfortable and irritated, but being with the guys, they always have a way of being apologetic and forgiving at the same time – vying their wares in tickling a smile from me. How can I stay annoyed with such a lovable bunch of boyfriends?

As a nightcap (or should I call it a daycap being it was already 3am), we went to have coffee/hot choco at McDonald’s. That was the time that it really hit me. No more early morning McDonald’s sessions with them after late night drinking with the same group. *sigh* Time for pictorials to make the memories last.

Eventhough two of the guys were drunk, they all still walked me home taking turns in walking beside me. Aww… Like I said, sweet. Real sweethearts for a bunch of tough-acting guys. (Tough-acting only since they cower when their girlfriends call them it. HA! Girls rule!)

Peace guys! And thanks for the nightm friendship, and all!

my guys and me

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