A Plane Ride to Work

Yesterday was just an ordinary work day. Except for the fact that I took a plane ride to fly off to work with our division’s “league” of managers.

I was feeling SO out of place with the group that it astounds me when I remember how I could be of peace and jittery at the same time without losing my common sense one way or the other. During the whole trip, I was at my wit’s end in preparing small talks or in thinking quirky comebacks or interesting topics to open up. Turns out, I ended up simply nodding my agreement and having a dry throat in keeping silent.

It’s not because I had nothing to say. But more so of the fact that I didn’t want to make a fool of myself and in offending my managers. (It didn’t help that my new boss didn’t do anything AT ALL to make me feel comfortable.

Yeah I know I could’ve done something about it, but I decided to put myself in place rather than make a fool of myself.

I enjoyed observing my managers’ interaction with each other. And it was nice get glimpses of their personalities outside of the plant setting.

I even had my own glory moment when we ate at UCC Coffee (?) at Burgos St. The Fort courtesy of our BUGM. Not knowing what to order, I simply copied my seatmate’s choice – a UCC Clubhouse sandwich. I didn’t know they had servings THAT BIG! When BUGM noticed that I ordered one, he commented: “…mukhng hindi ka gutom ah!” (it seems like you’re not hungry!). Which in turn I replied,: “Sir, first time ko po dito.” (Sir,it’s my first time here.) A reply which cracked everybody (almost, except for my seatmate/boss) up into unanimous laughter.

My UCC Clubhouse Sandwich

So I guess silence really IS gold. Ü

Now I’m just awaiting boarding time on my return trip home, to Davao. Since I’m travelling solo, Ihave no one to chat with. Good thing I have my Opera Mini powered phone to keep me company, and the CUTEST LITTLE BOY I’ve seen in the whole airport terminal bringing smiles to everyone’s faces with his cute-ness.

The cute little boy

You can watch the video upload here.


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  1. opera mini rocks!!! it’s just so challenging to use if you’re using a FULLY touch screen phone. T_T

  2. oh yeah! you’d be surprised how long it took me to finish this post. Ü

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