New Sites in Davao City

Last night was one FUN night with two of my favorite people.  My two bffs Toffee and Cphinx.  As the (un)official activity planner in our group, I guess I’ve been imbibed with the sense of discovering, introducing new places in Davao City.  Davao isn’t too fast in terms of commercial development but it isn’t too slow either.  For me, it’s just at the right pace (mostly because if development here was rapid, I wouldn’t be having enough funds to cater to my exploratory side).

Since I got an early out from office work (having been in official business since I attended in a seminar), I got to meet up earlier with bff Toffee.  Meet up spot: The Run Club.

The Run Club is located Paseo del Carmen, A. Loyola St. Bo. Obrero, Davao City.  If you are familiar with the night spots at F. Torres St., A. Loyola St. is south of F. Torres across the Shell Station in Bajada.  It’s a relatively new spot with only a few shops open (I forgot the names though).  There’s one novelty store for pets, a hair salon, a diner, the Oak and Acorn store, and a spa (I think).  The place is quite quaint.  Though lacking the noise of well-known malls, it has it’s own appeal.  Mainly for those who prefer quiet areas just within close distance of the highway.  However, the place closes at around 7:00 PM.  Hopefully it’ll be closing on a later time if the area will be in full operations already.

Paseo del Carmen

Next, we went off to check out Frozen Avenue.  The latest ice cream store in Davao City.  It’s located along Bajada St. just a block away from Mama Maria’s Pizzeria.  According to our attendee there, the place just opened 3-4 days ago.  They offer a range of specialty ice creams depending on your preference.  They have cobblers, frosty ice cremes, fruity cremes, jumbo frosty cremes (and I do mean jumbo… imagine a fish bowl), and other fun treats from burgers to rice meals.  However, their rice meal is only limited to their Chicken Teriyaki.  But eventually, they will be offering more choices.  What’s nice about the place is the ambiance, the general interior of the place, and their friendly staff.  You can’t help but smile and be happy in eating your ice cream.  They also offer ice creams for good for two, and even in groups (that’s were the jumbo frosty cremes come in).  We even got complimentary icings as an added bonus.

The place was clean even the rest room.  But I think the mirrors were meant for taller people.  I could only view my face halfway.  Finally, an ice cream parlor in the city!  Frozen Avenue closes at 12:00 Midnight.  So for those who crave for ice creams, just come by to Frozen Avenue and have your fill with your family and/or friends.  Price range of their specialities from Php 45.00 to Php 459.00.  FYI though, their Fried Ice Cremes are not yet available.

(Clockwise from B – R): Tropicana Cobbler, Mango Fruity Creme, Mango-Peach Frosty Creme

Before we had our dessert at Frozen Avenue though, we went to Gaisano Mall to meet up with our other Bff: Raisa.  We had dinner at Calda Pizza courtesy of achi Toffee.  (Yum yum yum yum yum.  Delicioso! Muchas Gracias achi!)  Calda has been operating in Davao City for a couple of months now and it was only yesterday that I got the chance to taste their own pizza versions.  Note to self though, if you plan on eating there, better be ready to wait especially during their peak hours.  The place tends to crowd out much.  It’ll be good to have a reservation too in order to avoid the hassle of standing up and wait for an available table to clear up.  Anyway, their pizza was delicious!  We had the Nepolitana and it really whetted our appetites.  Imagine, 3 girls and 1 family size pizza (a good 15# pizza).  But then again, I’m talking about my 2 best friends (plus me!) here.  Why would I be surprised! (Peace guys!)

Pizza Nepolitana

After our dessert in Frozen Avenue, I suggested playing billiards in one of the oldest bowling alleys in Davao City – Fairlanes.  It was already 10PM and the place closed at 11PM so we had a good 1 hour to try our hands on in 9 ball billiards.  We had a good round of laughter and fun (hmm.. wonder if we got high because of the pizza, the ice cream, or by just being with each other).  So a good hour of playing (and burning off the little fats we could) we called it a night.  Fairlanes is located at the corner of F. Torres St. and if you plan to go play billiards there, an hour costs only Php 50.00.  If you plan on going dock pin bowling, minimum game should be 6.  Cost of each game (line in the score sheet) is at Php 15.00.

The master

Anyway, that’s just about the new places (one old) in Davao City that I have recently gone to.  Yeah I know it’s all about food, but hey, it’s one basic need as living and breathing beings.  I know there are a lot more new places to see in Davao City.  But I’ll reserve that at another time, and another adventure.  Besides, what’s important is having fun and enjoying every moment anytime, anywhere, old or new.  (And I think I’ve overstayed my welcome at Coffee Dream already.)

Got to go guys!!!  Too bad I wasn’t able to go to Waterfront Hotel today, they had the 1st Asian Bird Fair there.  Well… maybe next year.


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