The Run Club Experience

Yesterday September 24 2010, was my scheduled meet up with my bff who arrived from Manila for her few days of vacay here in our hometown.  Since I was still attending a seminar the whole day, we decided to meet up at the Run Club.

I’ve been meaning to visit that place since it was just a store a few blocks away from our house.  What greater opportunity to go there could there be than meeting up with my achi bff.  She mentioned wanting to go there to found out what type of shoes would be right for her.  That got me intrigued.  How would they do that?  Measure your feet?  Stick it in a box?

I soon found out for myself.

As it turns out, it’s a very plain and simple process.  First, you have to be barefoot and expose your calf muscles for the store attendants to have a better reading of your feet.  You will be asked to mount their treadmill (I think it’s called a Nordichtrack treadmill) and run.  A webcam linked to their computer will record your run which in turn will be measured.

Based on their running lab, I have a neutral foot type and my gait is also neutral.  So in simple terms, I can opt to use any type of shoes without having any changes in my gait especially in running.  You could even try out the shoes available in their store and check the difference/changes in your running.  My bff however, needs shoes under the “stability” category to support her feet when she runs since she’s high arched with a supirator and pronator gait.  I took a picture of the running lab’s guide in knowing your foot type and gait.

For Foot type you have:

1. High Arch

2. Neutral

3. Flat Foot

For Gait:

1. Supirator

2. Neutral

3. Pronator

Running Lab Guide

Anyway, for those who are interested in finding out the best type of running shoes for them to wear, you can visit the Run Club at Plaza del Carmen Loyola St. Bo. Obrero, Davao City.  The whole place is relatively new and a bit small with only a few shops in operation.  But the area is generally nice.  Like a private lawn for relaxing.

Also, they’re one sign up post for the upcoming Life Run of St. Peter Life Plans and Chapels to be held on October 24, 2010.  Registration is only Php 50.00 (inclusive of singlet).

So for all the runners out there who would like to try out the running lab, just visit Run Club.

You can also read about it here.


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  1. Run club should pay you for helping advertising their store =p

  2. yes they should. hehe…

    hmm… i think i can give the store a go on oct5. its nice to have leave credits. 😀

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