Something Worth Commendation

I was just browsing my Facebook page, clicking notifications here and checking out tags there.  That’s when I came across one page made by my closest guy friend in high school.  It was a page dedicated strictly for his drawings.  I must admit that over the years he has truly honed his art.  His doodles during high school has transcended into a higher level of his art.

His page has two albums for his artwork.  One is for his Ink and Pencil Art and the other one is for his Art and Artist interaction.  His page is aptly named too: Dru-ing.  A pun on his name and his art.

What’s nice about his artwork is that it ranges from fanart to drawings/depictions of persons around him, day-to-day activities, and just about anything that strikes his fancy.  He also interacts (literally!) with his artwork.  He takes pictures of his drawings adding “life” to them.

Just to give you a slight idea, I’ve posted some of his Dru-ings below:

(from his Ink and Pencil Art album)

50 + 1

(from his Art and Artist interaction album)

his FIRST toddler drawing


I wish I had skills like that too.  But then again, I’m cool with having a number of my friends who are very talented and skilled in drawing.  I’m proud to say I’m one of their fans and first in line cheerers in their accomplishment.

So here’s my tribute to my sanko.  Great job Dru!  Keep on “Dru-ing”!!!

If you guys want to see more of his artwork, visit his Facebook page by clicking this link: Dru-ing.


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  1. WoW I find his art really interesting and entertaining to look at 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

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