A Hearty Dinner

Last night, October 19, 2010, was the eve of my balikbayan friend’s departure to L.A.  She was so kind enough to invite me and another friend to join them (including her father and her brother) for Dinner at Claude’s Le Cafe De Ville located at Rizal St. Davao City.  It was a French restaurant owned by the father of one of my batchmates in school.

It was a party of five.  Both Sarah and I were stumped on what to choose for dinner mainly because the prices were really, really expensive; we were “first-timers”; and it was the first time we dined with her father (whom we saw as a very hard-to-please and unapproachable guy during our school days).  Turns out, the easy camaraderie and genuine thoughtfulness of our dilemma made it comfortable when the appetizers were served.  Didit ordered food for us and that was fine with me.  Since she’s great in fine dining, I had no questions about her tastes.  (The servings on the other hand, was a different matter entirely).

We had lots of laughter and fun talking about work, travel, food, pictures, and poking out jokes from one another, along came our food orders.  Ian (her brother) had the largest order.  It was the Authentic Alsaciane Sauerkraut.  One of their delicacies in Claude’s which was “complete with Pork Knuckles, smoked pork loin and sausage” with their own sauerkraut.

Authentic Alsacianne Sauerkraut (Php 625.00)

I was starting to fret on how big my meal was going to be.  Thankfully, it looked just right.  But by the middle of eating, I had great difficulty in finishing my food!  The Grilled Rib-Eye was a real treat for me.  But I guess I overestimated my appetite.  I practically had to take my time in finishing off my dinner while my dinner mates were waiting for me to finish.  Besides, it would have been impolite to have some leftovers.

Grilled Rib-Eye with Mashed Potato and Ratatouille on the side

After dinner, we went off to Merco located along Bolton St.  It used to be the top ice cream shop way back years ago, and it still has it’s touch.  If not for their classic selections of ice cream, then the nostalgic aura it emits would do you in.  I ordered a lover’s delight ice cream (comprised of 3 scoops of different flavored ice creams with slices of peaches in between, nuts and syrup for toppings, and cherry on top of each scoop).  And to think I was too full to eat.  But what the heck… it’s ice cream!  You can’t help but be happy in eating ice cream!

My Lover’s Delight (It seemed bigger then). I want Sarsky’s panoramic picture!!

When we left Merco, it was starting to have a bittersweet tone.  It would be years again before we’ll get to see each other, and though technology makes it easier to keep in touch regardless of the distances between friends, nothing beats being close to one another, at just a hug’s distance.

The treats were much appreciated, the pictures taken will be worth remembering (and posting!), the hearty meals truly stuffing, but the gift of friendship will forever be treasured.

Thanks for everything Dit!  Till next time! 🙂


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