Should I?

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The urge to turn in my resignation is getting stronger in each passing day.  It’s not because of the pressure I get from my work, or the heavy loads constantly bombarding me day in and day out.  I can take that in stride.  But when faced with adversaries in the form of a human entity hell-bent in breaking you down and basking in their power over the “little people”, that’s an entirely different ballgame.

I’m particularly peeved about the attitude at focusing on the problem instead of looking for solutions to the present concern.  We’ve already established the fact that someone made a mistake (and yes, very much willing to own up and accept it!).  But to throw insults and assume the worst of the person???  And show complete distrust on your subordinates (who she coins as teammates).  Who’s pointing fingers to whom?  Who commands to be respected but isn’t showing anything worth respect of?  Should I cower in fear?  Kiss ass?  That’s not my style.

I’m not perfect.  There are a lot which I know I need to improve on.  But why should I tell you these?  To give you more ammunition to get me out of your rose-colored glasses?  You want your subordinates to be open to you?  How?  You’re not even receptive of what we’re saying, the day-to-day grind we endure just to meet your demands?  You talk about empowering us to make decisions, but if I do and you don’t like it, all wrath is bestowed upon the poor victim.  Talking to you forces me to be on my guard always.  Even your aura emits heaviness when you enter the room.

Being paranoid sure gives you perks with the big bosses.  But get off your high horse!  You treat other departments SO sweetly, but with your subordinates it’s like you’re taking out the trash – it annoys you and you just want nothing to do with it.

God… I need to have a fall back plan already in place.  Just a couple more of these and I just might completely shut off.  I may have a strong threshold for pain, but taking trash from someone who I don’t even owe my life with is totally different.   I do my job well.  If you don’t like it, then say so.  But be professional about it.

I’m SO STUCK right now.  What to do, what to do…

Should I?

But my “voice of reason” forces me to endure this even through the end of the year.  But I don’t see myself being happy here anymore.  I was walking home last night thinking and rethinking what I should do and where should I really place myself.  But nothing comes to mind!  How low can I get?  Even my dreams are hazy!


It’s starting to be one bad day to another.  Can I just scream at your face?  Get it over with, and turn in my resignation?

Argh… but it wouldn’t be professional.


What next?

Should I… RESIGN?


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