A “Tank-full” Adventure

This post has been long overdue.  I don’t think with the recent events in my life, the excitement I felt during the time I shot the succeeding pictures would still hold the same thunder.

Anyway, as I promised myself I would be posting these pictures from the early walk I took with my BFF.  We took candid pictures of each other, the landscapes/seascapes, the busy early morning peddlers, animals, the sun-less horizon (which was quite a disappointment), and the highlight of our walk: Army Tanks.

My bff was so game in taking pictures of the said tanks but being in the custody of the Philippine Army, it was within the boundary of their camp.  I was pretty sure that they would allow civilians to enter but you would need to know someone inside to get permission.  So there we were by the pier eying our target subject, so close and yet so far.  I suggested to my bff that we transfer by their barren canteen since the closer we were, the more likely we would be able to talk to the officer who was taking their K9 dogs for an early jog.

The longer we were looking, the more we got their attention (I think!) because two soldiers were taking pictures on top of the tanks.  Then, our luck struck!  The same soldier (who was having his picture taken) called on us to enter.

This was it!!!  I was SO excited to be allowed access.  And I think my bff was too.  It was the consolation prize for the sun-less day.  However, our excitement was rushed since (being girls), the other soldiers who were still inside their barracks went outside to “welcome” us so to speak.  I felt like being under a microscope being observed with every movement I made.  But that was okay.  The important part was taking photos of REAL ARMY TANKS.

Here’s some souvenir photos I got.

The tanks!

One for me and one for bff. ^___^

BFF likes this picture

No.. there was no Navy.

My Walk Buddy…

My BFF… wearing my shirt. LOL!

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