Something New For Today

I wasn’t feeling well this morning so I took the day off and availed of my sick leave.  I’m glad I did.  I wasn’t too eager to return to work after the pressure I’ve just gotten by with last week.  And just recently, I found out that another “issue” has been raised.  Well it can wait until I return.

How I wish though that I could be as relaxed as this.  Hmmm.. maybe look for another job?  I’ll probably get to that sooner.

Anyway, I discovered a new program in my laptop.  It’s the Windows Live Writer.  I think I installed this a few months back and I never got to try it out.  Windows Live Writer is an application which enables a user (in this case, me) to draft blogs and post them in a blog account.  The user can connect to any blog site supported such as WordPress, Blogspot, etc… Or if you’re using a different/new blog site, you can link it up as well.  I’m using WordPress, so the process of connecting to my blog was quite easy (as long as the internet connection was good).

The benefits of using the Windows Live Writer is the ease in editing and drafting blogs.  You can also immediately post pictures which you can also edit.  Changing fonts are a breeze because it’s just like preparing Word documents.  I like using it since I’m usually not able to connect to the internet as often as I want to, so I can create drafts of my post while offline and connect for a few minutes online to post my blog.  For some, it may be a waste of time since instead of going online and immediately posting, why make a post in Windows Live Writer?  They have a point.  But if you’re internet connection is as intermittent as mine, using the Windows Live Writer is quite beneficial.

This has just been the first time I’ve used it and I’m pretty sure I’ll be discovering more about it once I get the hang of using this application.  But for now, I’m just glad I got to learn something new for today.

How about you guys, learn anything new today?   Smile


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