Complaining Much?

The sad part about being an HR in a company is that you have to listen to every single complain every minute of every single individual within the company.  But the same courtesy is never extended to you.  Especially now with our newer management.


Take for example the following complains I’ve encountered:


a. One department complains because other employees from other departments are in charge of planning of outings and activities.

b. Same department complains when given an active role for another event/activities.

[Confused much?!]


a. Personnel complaining of canteen concessionaire.

b.  Same personnel retracting/reconsidering their complain when canteen concessionaire will be asked to cease their operations.



a. Complains in the choice of activity/event/persons.

b. But same employees wouldn’t even give out suggestions or join meetings.


And I’m stuck in the middle.

I know I should be patient with these type of individuals.  But keeping up with this all the time?  The same persons, the same complaints.  No satisfaction.


Though complaints are welcome, but there’s something to be said about TOO MUCH!  They want you to understand their “feelings“, their preferences, and that their high position gives them the right to look down on you without even knowing the facts first.

The sad part is, I can’t talk to someone about it.  Except maybe here.  But I feel my thoughts are not well-expressed here though.  The impact might not be right.


Glad the day’s over though.  One down, two more days to go and it’s a payday weekend.

Looking forward to it.


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