Labor Relations

One of my many responsibilities as an HR but rarely practiced since there aren’t THAT much labor cases in our plant.  But the off chances that there are, I should be there.  Not one of my strong areas and definitely not one of my cup of tea.  I hate having to be the bearer of bad news (especially in worse case scenarios), and witness the breaking down of strong men.


This afternoon was no different.  At the last minute, I had to serve a preventive suspension memo to one of my officemates.  Actually, my role was only to assist the Department Head.  But I ended up being the one explaining the memo and serving it. Sheesh!!!  I know I’m supposed to be “pro” management but I should also be a middleman, unfortunately, being both doesn’t ease the discomfort you’ll feel after the message sinks in.  Listening to the side of the employee, you would also understand how and why they’re feeling hurt and how unfair management sometimes (most of the time) is.

Okay, I admit.  A number of labor cases deserve what’s coming to them.  But what gets my goat is trying to coerce an employee in saying something that they have no idea on and use it against them.  Talk about abuse!  And there are other times that bribes come in place.  I mean.  Come on!  That’s totally uncalled for!  And that’s how management represents the owner.

Gee… I’m saying too little but I think I’ve said too much already.  So I better keep mum about it.  I just hope I can find an alternative soon once I turn in my 2 weeks notice.


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