Sobbing In My Sleep

A few days ago, Mom told me that I’ve been sobbing in my sleep the past night and calling out for her.  I was surprised.  I don’t remember dreaming about something bad [or sad for that matter] to make me sob.

Call me stupid but I don’t remember any lesson about sobbing in dreams during college.  Surely it has something to do with the unconscious but to extract the exact meaning, it would have to be subjective by nature.  So if that’s the case, perhaps it has something to do with the goings-on in my work life.  SHEESH!  No solace whatsoever!  Or maybe it still has something to do with my dad’s passing.  I dreamed of him a few weeks ago (I think I posted it here), and there’s no denying that I’m still missing him.

A lot of reasons… it’s my mind that’s not focusing.

Anyway, it’s a Saturday night and I’m all by myself at home.  Mom’s out and will be back tomorrow so if I feel like bawling out my emotions I’m free to do so with no worries that someone is watching or worrying someone at all.  But my mind’s too hyped up with many thoughts that I don’t think I can dwell much on a certain subject.  I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad one.

I’m currently looking up online meanings for sobbing during sleep but the results are too general.  Or maybe I’m just typing the wrong keywords to narrow down my search.  Oh well… like I said, my focus needs more focus.

I need more introspection.


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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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