Great Things Come In Small Packages

I couldn’t agree more!

I mean, take a moment and think of the wonders of the iTouch.  A small package, but packs a wallop in giving loads of entertainment for the young and old alike.  My bffs ‘ day probably wouldn’t be complete if they can’t play Tap Tap Revenge, or Cut The Rope. Add to that listening to their favorite tunes and playlists, watching videos, taking pictures/videos (for 4th gen), PLUS being able to browse the internet in some Wifi hotspots!  Talk about multi-tasking!  Never a dull moment for those who have this baby.  (And loads of sleepless nights too!)

I’m itching to have one too but that would not be a reality anytime soon (unless if I win millions).

Moving forward…

Another small package is the mobile phone.  Depending on your preference, mobile phones have come a long way from what I was able to witness in it’s evolution phases.  From big, bulky, manly-type mobile phones to small, hand-held phones that vary for it’s functionality, fashion statement, “social statement”, and uniqueness.  One is ever at a constant quest on the “perfect” phone that would encompass all the most sought after functions.

But what I will never tire of mobile phones is it’s capability in connecting two (or more) people who are worlds apart.  Just this morning I was able to keep in touch in a number of people I rarely see.  There’s also one bff who’s inner desires she expressed through text.  I love being able to receive photos of friends from far away on things that have happened, or something new they’ve seen.  To borrow Smart‘s tagline: SIMPLY AMAZING.

And I’m down to my third item.  The main reason why I’m making this blog.  Well, just before break time, an officemate who i could say I’m not that close to (but get along with just fine) surprised me with his pasalubong for me.  A bag of Krispy Kreme doughnuts!!!  Just two pieces actually.  But I was truly touched since he gave me a separate package from what he gave to one group in the office.

It may have been a small package (not even a box) but it truly made me smile.  It wasn’t just the content or its wrappings, but the thought, the gesture, the effort made that made me feel special.

My Krispy Kreme Surprise

On a sidenote, one contractual worker offered me his small box of raisins which I gladly accepted.  What’s nice about it was that I was just expecting the treat of raisins when I noticed that the box housed a cardboard cut-out for a raisin paper doll.  Sweet! 🙂

Raisin and Paperdoll all in one

Another small package – FRIENDS.

They all come in different shapes and sizes.  Each differing from one another.  But each one offering more than what you would expect.

My year 2010 ended with a bittersweet note.  The first Christmas without my daddy, and welcoming a new year without his comforting presence.  But nonetheless, I’m thankful for celebrating the last days of 2010 with my friends, and enjoying the first few days of the New Year (2011) with the comfort of my closest friends.

Cheers to you guys!  And thanks for being my small packages in life that I could always grab on and carry with me – memories and all.

couldn’t find a group picture that was complete. Settling for this instead – A “Big Top”

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  1. What a beautiful post! I’m glad I clicked on it to read more. You shared this small package idea so wonderfully… 🙂
    You know, Krispy Kremes were hot in NY for a minute and then left town. I so miss them 🙂 The raisin box story was funny … what to do with the cut out dress? Hope you have a young niece who would love it. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! If ever the universe conspires and we’ll get to meet in person, I’d share with you a box of Krispy Kremes.

      As for the cut out dress? I’m keeping it as a small token of friendship.

      Thanks for dropping by E! 🙂

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