Back To Wearing Glasses

I’m one of the unlucky few who lost their 20-20 “perfect” vision at a young age.  In my case, my vision got blurry when I was in 6th grade and that was the time I started wearing glasses.

I’m nearsighted.  So if I don’t wear glasses, I won’t be able to see things from afar.  I started with correctional glasses, then gradually increased in lens grade.  At first, it was fun wearing glasses.  I looked smart, mature, and was a noticeable change in my appearance.  Unfortunately, it was also an easy target for endless teasing and getting laughed at.  I also sweat a lot.  I ended up fogging up my glasses during really hot days and was quite a nuisance in wiping out my sweat.

It’s quite bothersome actually (especially the part wherein I get my eyes checked and find out that I need to change my glasses again), but life went on.  Though I couldn’t use my glasses during basketball games, I still get to play well during college.

That has been my eye practice since less than 6 years ago when I decided to try wearing contact lens.  At first, it was a difficult feat.  Eyes aren’t exactly comfortable when you try to intentionally “poke” yourself.  It got better over the years.  I could easily put on my contacts without the aid of mirrors.  The compliments I got from people on my change of appearance was flattering as well.  I looked younger, and vibrant.

So why the sudden discussion about wearing glasses?

Due to the sudden onslaught of co-employees with sore eyes at work, and being the frontliner in confirming fitness to work of employees, I ended up catching the virus.  My left eye was already bothering me last Friday when I attended the Job Fair.  But I still had work to do.

I had my eyes checked last Monday and the doctor said I had conjuctivitis.  It wasn’t contagious but he could have wrote off a diagnosis to advise me to rest for a week.  Though I wanted to take the whole week off, I opted to go to work.  So noble of me.  Not!  Rather, there were just too many things to do that week.


So I’m back to wearing my glasses (for this week only).  I’m missing wearing my shades when I go out in the morning.  But the compliments I get from the guys about my looks are a great consolation. 🙂


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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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  1. I wear glasses and have worn them for years. I tried contacts but couldn’t stand poking at my eyes so I went back to glasses… Now I have graduated lenses which are so cool. On a sunny day they darken completely and look like rocking shades. Hey, you gotta love em.
    We have a Twitter Hop today so join in! 🙂
    Feel better!

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