Wedding Bells…

The Wedding Bells

I can hear the bells

Well, not exactly for me.  But looking at the time, I’m guessing the wedding march has already started.  It’s a good day to get married too!  If you like the cold weather, that is.  Father Sun hasn’t presented himself for 2 days now and the clouds are having a field day.  Thankfully though, rain has not dampened the atmosphere… yet.  So if you’re into cold weather, you’d probably agree with me.

Today is the 18th of February – the love month.  Some people believe it’s a “romantic” season to get married since it’s Valentine’s month.  I just wondered though why have a wedding on a Friday?  (It’s a work day!)  But another set of belief by some older people at work, it’s because of the date – 18.  Or any date with “8” as its ending.  Stands for long-lasting.  Infinite.

How sweet!  But I beg to differ though.  LOL.

I hope I don’t get judged as being bitter.  I was just thinking of possible ways to start this blog and share a piece of my day.  One of my Engineering Department friends is getting married today.  He was a former suitor of mine.  A secret suitor not known by all (except for some close friends and those good with guessing).  His courtship with me never got anywhere when it began.  I mean, if he were really serious, he would have pursued me even if I don’t text or call him first.  Another thing that bothered me, he kept his courtship a secret so that other people wouldn’t know.  So no pain on my end.  I’m not sure about him.  (Ha!  Feeling “Rapunzel” much? LOL).

Seriously, I’m happy for him in starting his own family.  At least his goal in life has already taken its toll.  Just a bit unexpected to begin with before he was fully ready.

Now the admin building is quite sad about the news.  No more teasing and matchmaking me with him, always expressing how disheartening it is that there’s no more chance with him.

I don’t mind.  When he courted me, there were so many doubts, discomfort and questions filling my mind.  Now, there’s none.  It wasn’t meant to be.  And I’m fine with that.

Someday my dark knight will come.  One whom I can be ME with.  And when he does come – and everything else in my life is in order – I hope to hear the wedding bells singing in perfect harmony to the beat of my heart.

Best wishes to the newlyweds!


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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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  1. Someday our prince will come.. :p We may meet him soon, or in the distant future but the important thing is that we are still happy where we are and with the people around us.

  2. haha!!! i know da guy!!! sige lng bff, we’re still in the same boat. someday our prince will come. 😀

  3. Hold on for your own knight… I’m glad you have chosen to wish him well. 🙂

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