Maxima Aquafun Adventure (A Semi-Detailed Info)

Before the day ends, I’d like to keep my promise in posting a longer info about our outing yesterday.  So denying my body aches and pains of their well-deserved rest, let me begin our adventure.

February 23 Wednesday – Planning Stage

It started with a little show and tell at the office.  Our auditors were showing some of their pictures during their Boracay trip.  Someone commented if I was jealous.  With all honesty, I said “No“.  Why should I be?  Boracay was in Visayas.  And our auditors’ provinces were quite close to it.  Now, if they went to places in my hometown that I’ve never been to (especially at Maxima), that’s a totally different story.  We’ve been planning and planning (but never quite reaching the actuating stage) about going to Maxima.  When the idea was said out loud, the auditors were quite excited.  Next step (especially those who were married), was to get permission.

<Lull period>

February 25 – Friday

Still no final list of those who would be coming along.  What I did?  Sent out an email to anyone who I knew would say YES eventually.  We still had so many things to plan: food, transportation, time, and assignments etc… By lunchtime, I got a tentative list that I could work on.  One of my agency workers was able to get the waterproof camera which I borrowed from my bff’s officemate.  So documentation was not going to be a problem.  We decided to commute instead so transportation was set.  So all was left was food.

Assignment: Buying the food

Say what?! I’m in charge of going to the market??  Not again!  Fine!  After collecting the initial Php 100.00 per person (additional expenses will be collected if there are any), I got to collect Php 1,100.00 for marketing.  Since I was going to my aunt’s place the day before our outing, I enlisted the aid of Igat.  After all the effort[less] buying of food to be cooked/prepared courtesy of my cousin-in-law, we were all set for the next day.

Yey!  So excited!  No sleeping for me!

February 27 Sunday: MAXIMA DAY!!!

Woke up around 3am.  Wha?!  Why do I always wake up early during outings especially when I need to get sleep. T___T  I noticed the slow downpour of rain outside.  “Please let the rain up when it’s time to leave.” was my mantra.

4am – still awake.

5am – no luck, wakey-wakey.

At around 6am.  Got drowsy.  Great, our meeting time was at 8am.  And it’s only that time I became sleepy.  Sheesh!

A few minutes after 7am – got a text from my “classmate”.  “It’s raining hard here in Panabo.  I’ll just catch up.” I answered: “We’re going to the beach.  We’re gonna get wet anyway.  It’s raining here too.  CATCH UP!” My phone sounded off again, message from Ma’am Tin: “It’s raining.  Is it a go?” My response: “Of course!  All the purchased food would go to waste if we won’t be going!”

And so it began.  I had a couple of purchases I needed to finish off before heading to our meeting place.  I had to buy “kakanin” or finger foods while we grill our food when we get to the site.  Set meeting time? 8am.  Arrival of our companions? 9:30 am.  Okay.  I’ll credit their tardiness due to heavy rainfall and long distances of bus arrivals.

The gurls..
Maxima’s Angels

Getting There

There are many ways in getting to Maxima Aqua Fun.

1. Ride a bus at the Sasa Ferry Boat wharf. – Php 30.00 (You get off at the Penaplata Market)

After the bus ride, you can opt to rent a multicab (favorable if you’re group is big), or you can ride a motorbike or habal-habal.

If you have your own ride, you can skip the bus ride and multicab/motorbike. Just board the ferry boat. I think it’s rate is at Php 270.00 (including driver and 1 passenger) + Php 10.00/additional person. Just ask for directions in getting there and prepare for a bumpy ride.

2. Speedboat (please see post on rates below)

After a long and bumpy ride, we arrived at Maxima a few minutes before 11am.  The view was breathtaking!  It was overlooking the ocean!  If not for the steady rainfall, I bet we all would have rushed to the sea.  But first things first.  Lunch.

To cut the long story short, we all pitched in in preparing our food.  We had grilled 1 kilo of Tuna panga (jawbone), pork chops, pork liempo, kinilaw, chicharon, and other finger foods to nibble on.  (Now I’m getting hungry all over again).

“Team Building” in prepping our food

After getting our fill for our churning tummies, we waited out a bit on sliding (since the guide was on his lunch break).  When there was nothing holding us back, we got ourselves our own life vests (a safety rule was to always wear your life vest) to keep you buoyed after sliding the 4om tarpaulin slide which would drop you in the 150m deep ocean.  So off we went to get our thrill on the longest slide in the Philippines!

Again I’m going to share pictures of Maxima.

The slide from the top
Floating Seesaw? or perhaps SEASAW. lol
The Waterball
The Diving Board

Good thing it was raining.  Or else I would’ve been nursing a pretty ugly sunburn.

Here below are the current rates at Maxima Aquafun:

Day Tour Package Option

Package A————————————————————P200

Free use of lifevest
Free use of tables and chairs
Unlimited use of Giant Slide
Unlimited use of Trampoline
15 minutes marine orientation including
use of mask and snorkel

Package B————————————————————P250

Free use of lifevest
Free use of tables and chairs
Unlimited use of Giant Slide
Unlimited use of Trampoline
15 minutes marine orientation including
use of mask and snorkel
Eagle view canopy walk with rapelling

Children rate (10 years old below)————————–P150
Eagle View Canopy Walk—————————————-P50
Tent Rental———————————————————P300
Aquafun Close Cottage-Overnight————————P1,800
Bigote Dormitory-Overnight————————-P500/head


Jetski with Banana boat(max of 6 pax)——P4,000/hour
Banana boat (max of 5 pax) ——— P150/pax for 15 minutes
Two Seater Kayak—————-P250/head/15minutes

Speedboat (max of 10 pax)
Round trip Sta. Ana Pier to Maxima—–P6,500
Round trip Penaplata to Maxima———P3,000
Round trip Beach house to Aquafun—–P1,000

Kids 1o years old and below — P150

Wanna try it out?  You can check out their website here.

Contact details:

Location: Brgy. Cawag, Penaplata, Island Garden City of Samal
Telephone No. (082) 282-23-39, 271-26-26
Mobile No. (63) 9228569792, 9236593725


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  1. Wow! You are quite the organizer. It looks like everyone had a great time and the trip was worth the funds. Were you in any of the shots or you took all of them?
    Thank you!

  2. haha!!! looks like a paid advertisement… 😀

    pero infairness bff, organized jud ka. hehe… 😀

  3. with regards on how to get there, i think it only cost 150 pesos per head round trip via shuttle boat from sta. ana pier….

  4. today i was disappointed of going there kc walang available na shuttle boat, kaya dun na lang kami sa bluejazz pumunta, cguro kasi today was wednesday kaya walang gaano bumiyahe….

  5. dito ako sa puan, toscana homes…kainis nga eh, meron pa bang ibang way papunta dun?.i really have to go that place before my flight back to kuwait on aug. 22,

    • ahh.. ganun ba? pwede naman subukan mo ulit yung shuttle boat if they’re available. Or you can go to Sasa Ferry Boat Wharf. Ride a bus to Peñaplata then ask them to drop you off at the market (lampas ng Central Warehouse or Convenience, I forgot). From there, you can rent a multicab or habal-habal to drive you up at Maxima Aqua Fun. You’ll also get to pass by the road leading to Hagimit Falls. Just inform the driver of the multicab or habal-habal to pick you up so that you wouldn’t have a difficult time in getting a ride back. Get their number too for easy contact.

      Or you can contact the numbers I’ve listed above for more info. They’re really accommodating too. Try this number: 09228569792.

      Hope this helps! Have fun! 🙂

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