Adventure in Lake Sebu

Last Holy Week(end), a few of my old officemates and my BFF went to Lake Sebu, South Cotabato for our long-planned-but-never-finalized outing [which finally pushed through at the last minute!]. Prior to our outing, I looked up about Lake Sebu.

The Lake Sebu from my Camera

Lake Sebu is a natural lake located in Lake Sebu municipality, South Cotabato within the Alah Valley region. It is said to be the one of the Philippines’ most important watershed as it supplies irrigation to Sultan Kudarat and South Cotabato provinces. Formerly a village of Surallah, the surrounding villages of the lake have become an independent municipality. For a more detailed info, click here.

Off We Go

What was initially planned as an outing prior to the holidays ended up into a “Holy Day” outing. So there were only a few of us who could go – Me, my bff (who I got to talk into tagging along but rather invited herself earlier on), my former officemate Jerry, and the contractual guys Roel and Rey (and his band of “adopted” relatives).

In my last post, I mentioned they’d be picking me up at around 3AM. But NO!!! I had to wake up Rey and Jerry! I didn’t even get some sleep! So after the initial hoopla – being picked up at around quarter to 6AM, fetching the rest of the group from El Rio to Bangkal to Puan – we went on our way to Lake Sebu. The first few hours of travel were familiar views since a week before this trip, I travelled the same route going to GenSan. Under the harsh (and I really mean HARSH!) sunny weather, we were bunked at the back of the pick-up. I opted to cover myself up rather than face the heat of the sun and end up being toast. With the recent topic I saw on TYRA, age, the sun’s heat, and skin does not exactly blend well. Unfortunately though, the succeeding days were a different story. I ended up getting great chunks of tan lines.

the jackets..

Finally There!

After almost 6 hours(or more) of traveling – weaving our way to dangerous curved roads, passing by key cities in Southern Mindanao, being in awe of majestic mountains and sprawling rice fields – we finally arrived in our destination. We were greeted by Lake Lahit first then we saw the wondrous Lake Sebu. Wow! Such a sight!


oohh... curvy..

Since our trip to 7 Falls was moved on Friday, we ended up trekking and scouring the area for sights to see. Aside from Lake Sebu, there were a couple of resorts surrounding the area that you could go to and have a dip in their pool – Dolores Resort, Punta Isla, and Nadine’s. Basicaly, all their hot traveller’s spots were walking distance. Unfortunately though, provincial “walking” was different from city walking. A LOT DIFFERENT! Feeling very sweaty after the long hours of travel and “walking” (plus the sleepless night and initial disappointment in postponing “falls-hopping”, I repeatedly suggested for an evening swim in ANY pool. After constant prodding, we ended up at Nadines. We swam around at the really COLD pool water when it started to drizzle then became a full-blown rain. After taking refuge in our open cottage and having our fill for dinner, the group was debating whether to wing it and go back to house or stay for a while. The cold weather was already taking its toll on me (being the temperature magnet that I am). I also wanted to wash up and wear dry clothes too. So we winged it. After freshening up, we were ready to call it a night.

The next day, we had our fill of Durian then went off to 7 Falls. We only went to 2 of the 7 since, like I said, provincial “walking” is a LOT different from city walking. My bff and I went ziplining (our second time together) on the longest zipline in Asia. I took videos while she took photos. You can see her amazing photos of our trip by clicking here. During our zip, we saw a couple the falls, then the rainbow over the falls, a lot “ferns” (if you haven’t tried ziplining and saw photos taken above, you’d think the trees were ferns as was the mistake of my former officemate. LOL.). Our second zip (since there were two zips), we opted for a different form of zipping which they called: Super Extreme (I think! I forgot the first adjective!) wherein in the middle of your zip, you’d be bouncing to and fro, up and down before landing. Their ziplining also offers packaged pictures on your turn for Php 100.00. The package includes 2 4R photos of your ziplining adventure. You could also have a softcopy of all your photos downloaded into your flash drive for Php 30.00. We just opted for the hardcopy.

1st Falls
Falls 2

Since our landing site was at the 2nd Falls, me, my bff, and Jerry went for a swim. I was such a danger-prone tourist! The strong rapids almost took me directly to the 3rd Falls. Not a pretty sight. My companions kept teasing me about it. But above it all, I have got to say that the water was really cool! The background of the waterfalls behind us was a perfect fit for such a hot weather. Afterwards, we went to Mers Resort to continue our swimming escapade. They also offered a zipline activity but after the excitement earlier, we mellowed it down a bit. The pool at Mers was quite deep and I slipped at one time. I’m not good at swimming but I can hold on for a while with my “Visayan Swimming” as what my bff tagged it.

We went back to the house at around 6PM or 7PM and it was already quite dark. So it was an early night for us. We played card games and Monopoly Deal. When we were finally tired, we went off to bed since we were planning on going home the next day.

Next day came but we had to postpone our return due to car trouble. To not waste the day, our host suggested going to “Trangkini” or “Trankini” Falls. Believing that it was close by (especialy after being dropped off from our truck ride at the foot of the mountain), we trekked it along. What a TREK! We scaled a couple of hills and a portion of the mountains before reaching our destination. But it was worth it! The scene was simply amazing (less the CAFGU’s who were watching the area) and, you guessed it, the water was SO COLD! The best part of the trip, aside from the food, was jumping off from one of the falls for the first time. And to think, we were all hesitant in jumping not knowing where we’d be landing. Only 4 of the 5 in our group jumped. First Roel, then me, then bff, and then the most pressured jumper – Rey. The chicken? Jerry boy. LOL. It was such an exhilirating experience! Giving enough energy in trekking back to our drop off point. But before returning, danger-prone me struck again! I got swept away by the rapids. Learning from previous experience, I rooted my feet then dug on. Whew!

the falls behind the boulder was where we jumped from…
enjoying trangkini/trankini

Upon returning at the house and washing up, it was time to buy souvenirs. We went to the nearby store and bought stuffs for our friends. Aside from buying souvenir items, classmate and I donned T’boli clothes and our friends took our picture. My clothes were of a T’boli princess while classmate wore that of a T’boli warrior. More like pretend warrior since he couldn’t even jump off the falls.

Easter Sunday Trip

Car trouble was still keeping us back from returning. So my bff and I along with classmate Jerry decided to go ahead and commute back to Davao. After paying our heartfelt gratitude to our hosts, we went on our way first by skylab or habal-habal (a single motorcycle that would carry along a number of passengers depending on travel), then by bus for 2 times. The travel was pretty uneventful in returning home except for our occasional stopovers. I personally regretted not buying any scarf or shirts. But the photos were great remembrances already.

Though a bit tired from the trip, I was more than less ready to face my week of meeting new people and facing a new job. Til next outing!

How about you guys? How did you spend your weekend?


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  1. What a magnificent trip… I love the waterfalls and that shot of the windy road made my head spin. LOL 🙂
    Glad you had a wonderful time… My week has been relatively free from adventure but hectic no less.:-)

  2. AMAZING, i want to visit this place too 😦 I have a soft spot for nature!

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