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Change is in the Air

My seatmate/cube-mate is moving out.

For the past month from starting in my new job, It felt great having someone to chat with day-in and day-out in the HR Office.  From being accustomed to staying low and going solo, it was a breath of fresh air to have someone to confide with, learn the ropes from, and understand how each and every person interacts through the eyes of the wise.  A friend when needed the most.

Cutiepie (my seatmate) would still be part of the department but due to the constraints of our office space, she “relocated” into another area – which I know she prefers.  So now, I’m on my own until the newbie comes in for tomorrow.  Oh excuse me, not a newbie… my supervisor.

It was only last Saturday that I knew about the changes in the office – job titles got altered, job descriptions were revamped, confusion was all around.  I couldn’t complain.  After all, I’m just a worker.  But I’m really anxious what  comes next.  I was told that I could go to the different sites when I first started.  Now, I’m not so sure.  Since my supervisor will be mainly outside of the office.  Quite unfair!  I wanted to do field works.

Oh well… I’ve already met the guy.  I do hope though that he’s open to me doing field works.

Anyway, I just want to share with you one quote which seems to run through my mind at the moment:

“Because you are champions of the spirit.  You ignore the scoreboard!  Long odds are irrelevant.  In the face of seemingly insurmountable adversity, you do not waiver.  You roll, you tumble, you fly”

– Vanessa, Hellcats


Old Friends, New Times

A couple of weeks ago, a few of my old college classmates and I met up during the wake of Sarky’s dad (the one I blogged about here) to pay our respects.  Although our reason for meeting up was a sad event, it was great seeing a few familiar faces after our years in college.  Sure some of our Psych Peepz get together once in a while, being with this particular group was different.  Somehow I felt like I belonged.  Maybe it was because of the fact that 3 of us were at a turning point in our lives.  I just started on my new job; PS transferred to a different school (from being a part-time teacher in ADDU, to being a Guidance Counselor in Brokenshire); and Mackay permanently moving back from Kuwait to take charge in operations of her family’s retail shop and tailoring shop.  It was only Ivy who still worked for the same company. Although she was briefly stressing out that she’s the one who hasn’t changed careers yet.  But knowing Ivy, it’s just aeration of her thoughts.

So for the first two times we met up the 4 of us had dinner together, went to pay our respects, talked about business ventures, former classmates, updates, and just simply catching up.  We spent our  time in Mackay’s retail shop: Retail Therapy by Mel Marquez, got “convinced” into buying a few clothing pieces, then talked more about business.  We’re all looking forward to Mackay’s 2-month plan in opening her own restaurant.  It would be the perfect location for our constant get-togethers.  PS kept on mentioning that she feels our small group is going to be solid and what she’s been looking for as an anchor of sorts (I guess).  With our jobs from 8:00AM – 5:00PM, there’ll be enough time for us to bond.

For the moment though, we’re planning on meeting up during Fridays at the Retail Therapy.  Then for our health and fitness, we’ll be joining different fun runs.  Hopefully this part will push through since I’ve been itching to go on more fun runs.  At least now, I wouldn’t be running on my own.  I’d have friends to accompany me too!

Now I have more reasons to look forward to Fridays! 🙂

Just a Quick One

This week has been very hectic not only for me but for the whole Central office. We’re busy preparing for our Sports League and birthday celebration of our bosses’ daughter which will be tomorrow, the 28th of May. I’m both excited and anxious for tomorrow. Still got a lot of things to prepare plus my tasks tomorrow are not I’m usually up for. I’ll be leading our National Anthem; “requested” by some supervisors to “assist” them in our calisthenics; plus I’ll be dancing!


I’m getting antsy just thinking about it! Add to that, I’m nervous about the program/invitations I have prepared and creating back-ups for all necessary documents. What’s still unfinished is the music and reserved copies!!!

So, I gotta go! There’s some things else I want to share but time is of the essence.

Will post soon!!

Sharing with a Grieving Heart

I’m trying to compose my thoughts on how to go about in sharing what’s on my mind for my post but the intro words seem to escape me.  So I’ll just say it as it is.

Last night I went to the wake of my friend’s Dad (and my Dad’s friend).  It was only last March that Sarsky learned that his father was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer of the liver.  The same infliction that caused my own father’s death a few months back.  I think it was the same day that I was offered my new job that I was informed about it as well.  It was a total killjoy news.  I felt a squeeze in my heart for what my friend was going through, what she will be going through, and all the uncertainties “dying” presents.

One is never ready for death.  When I knew my dad was dying, it was a just day before he died.  Me and my half-brother rushed him to the hospital and all the time I was just thinking it would be a rerun on what happened in the December of 2009.  When the doctor informed me he had cancer… that was when all the floodgates of my tears opened and the reality of losing my dad to a very traitorous illness broke through my defenses.  But I had to be strong… for my dad… my mom… and for myself.  I never really internalized what was happening around me… the gravity, the severity of the situation… just an issue that I would tackle on a later time since more pressing matters needed to be attended.  I was running on auto-pilot… especially in the morning of his death  I spent most my time on his bedside in the ICU, alternating from grabbing medicines at the pharmacy, talking to the doctors, following up on my health care benefits, lending him my iPod (the last playlist I made for him is still queued).  People always asked how I did it.  Not breaking down and cry?

I just did.  It couldn’t be helped.  Dad always wanted things to be in place, and to be always happy.  And that’s what drove me… I guess.  I know I’ve already accepted his death even before anyone else in the family did.  The vigil we kept by his bedside table from the time the doctor confirmed he will be going anytime soon,  up to the last rise and fall of his heart monitor, up to his final intake of breath, and up to his final heart beat.  I witnessed it all.  Dad died a peaceful death.  With his ready smile on his lips at his wake, he didn’t look like he suffered from any pain.

I know I’ve grieved my fair share.  But there are a lot of times, that I wonder if I’ve ever grieved enough.  Seeing my friend at the same state that I was then on my dad’s wake – always ready to share what happened, entertaining guests, offering food, forgetting to eat, participating in the services, and always being her happy and sunny self – resonated and struck a chord deep in me.  Thankfully though, Sarsky and her family are very close and are very spiritual.  They had each other to comfort them, and she has friends (like me and my college classmates) ready to be there anytime she needs us.

My heart goes out to her family.  Tito Jun’s cancer did not rest well on him.  His body was totally affected by his sickness.  On a sad note, I couldn’t see Tito Jun in the man who was lying there.  The picture on top of his coffin will be the face that I would always remember.  The picture which he chose since he new his features would change when he dies.  Typical of Tito Jun to always make light of a dark situation.  I feel really bad.  I didn’t expect the change to happen.  Not in such a short span of time.  I guess cancer, the time frame when you find out about it, and whether you go to the hospital to be treated plays vital roles on how it affects one’s body.

When my dad died, he retained most of his physical features.  Though he dropped a few kilos, he was still recognizable.  Maybe because he died the way he lived.  Always at the moment.  Not plugging himself with medicines.  Just for that thought alone, I am grateful that we learned of his illness at the last minute.  My regret is, I never got to spend much time with him, nor spoil him.  No more impromptu music sessions, early morning greetings during birthdays or holidays for me.  You can read the eulogy I made here.

Okay… enough about that.  We need to keep moving forward.  Besides, it should be a happy day too.  It’s Sarsky’s birthday and me and my college classmates will be meeting up to make her happy on her special day.

Sarsky and Tito

Out With A New Group

My weekend was quite an unexpected yet very eventful.  Friday (the 13th of May), I was scheduled to go the Farm to inquire and settle a certain issue.  But instead of leaving in the morning, I had to travel in the afternoon since my designated driver needed to hand carry a few important things going to the farm… causing me to arrive a little bit after 3PM then leave well after 5PM.  It would have been fine if not for the fact that my new officemates and I planned to eat out for dinner.

While still at the farm, I already told Cutie Pie to wait for me.  So during the duration of my travel back to the office, we were constantly communicating where I was already.  I was a bit embarrassed that I had to make them wait (being new in the group and all).  So all the while I thought that they’d be in a sour mood, or decide to leave me.  But they waited!  Sure they made a few cracks but in a jovial mood.

After rushing to get my things, we were off to the karinderia they were bragging about.  It was just near my alma mater but I didn’t know the place existed then.  After placing our orders (mine was 5 pieces pork barbeque and 2 servings of pastil – rice topped with ground chicken meat), we took our seats. The wait wasn’t long and eventually we started eating and taking photos (I think something’s wrong with my Gumshoe.  It’s not taking pictures the way it used to do.  Or maybe the settings are wrong).

The Barbeque!

After having our fill of our dinner (and debating where to go next since some wanted to catch a movie in Abreeza, others didn’t) we ended up heading to the statue of David in Ecoland (my officemate has coined it as David Park).  Strolling along the baywalk, eating street food, chatting, and taking photos with them gave me a glimpse of the personalities with the new group.

Candid much? 🙂

Saturday Fun

Last Saturday was the birthdays of 2 of our officemates.  As FORCED “custom”, afternoon snacks were free.  I had my fill of the ice cream only since I was still full from lunch.

Snack Time!

The weekend bonding didn’t end there.  Some of the older women wanted to watch a movie.  Though I wasn’t keen on watching In The Name of Love, I took a cab together with the 3 who confirmed to see the movie after all, they were heading to Abreeza.  Again, we had a lot of picture-taking moments while strolling all over the mall.  We had our dinner at the food court.  I was still hesitant in watching the movie.  However, being constantly prodded by 3 women who enjoyed the same things as I did (particularly going out), I gave in.  A really cheesy movie!  But I had fun.  I’m looking forward to more bonding moments with them (less the cheesy movie part).  LOL.

Food stalls in the Grocery Area
Making puto bumbong even when its not December (He smiled even through his mask.)
Souvenir Shot!
Being like kids again!
My Dinner!
Feeling like Stockholders

Abreeza Visit

After the long wait, Abreeza – an Ayala Mall – just opened their doors yesterday and was flooded by myriads of people.  Thankfully, their walkways and corridors left enough elbow room (s0 to speak) to roam around the place.

The highway was jam-packed with vehicles maneuvering their way through the heavy traffic, with spattering of motorists and commuters weaving their way to the mall.

Abreeza at Night

Some of the shops were not yet open but for the likes of me, having a new place to hang out is already enough.  At least most of the stores that I was looking forward to open was already operational such as Starbucks, Fully Booked, Canon, Adidas, Sony, Taters, and the Cinemas.

View from the Top…

There are only 4 Cinemas in Abreeza but I’m looking forward to watching a movie there someday.  Hopefully with friends and/or with a “special someone”.  LOL.

The Cinemas

Since it still wasn’t a payday, all I did was window shopping.  I wanted to eat at the fast food joints already open, but with the long line… I opted to just to home instead.

But my remembrance of my first trip? (Aside from the photos) This one:

Card Holder

A card/ID holder for my ID!  Just what I need. 🙂

I’m looking forward in strolling along the mall with my bffs.  Wish you guys will be available soon!

Another Workweek Done

After a number of repeated file checking, 7 served labor related memos, 3 cascaded office memos, a couple dozen of evaluation forms, the end of work hours on a Saturday is such a beacon of light in an endless tunnel.  Thankfully though, the tunnel isn’t all pitch black.  There are a couple of spattered flecks of color around that provides enough distraction and hope in what would otherwise have been a gloomy day.

I’m a bit tired from all my workload.  A bit burdened?  Yes. But demoralized? No.   I may have a lot to clean up at work but I’m taking it one step at a time.

Icing on the cake for this weekend?  Free Pizza!!!

Pizza for everyone!

Just a short post since I’ll go visit my old work. 🙂

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