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On Overload

I missed a week of blogging.  Now, I’m swamped with a number of thoughts and ideas that I want to share but with so little time at hand… I don’t think I’ll be able to blog about each and every single topic.  Besides, the thunder has already been stolen and the impact wouldn’t be that much convincing.

So I guess I’ll just give a little recap of the things that have happened and the random escaping thoughts flowing from my brain.  Besides, a thought-overloaded brain needs some release.

First: Bonding Moments with Friends

If you all remember, I’ve had a steady night out schedule on Fridays.  I spend it with a couple of my old college classmates (those who do show up for the date, that is!).  I sort of officially tagged my Fridays as “Fri-dates“.  However, for almost a month of that, it has become so much of a “cheat” date.  (Not the sleazy kind!)  Why?  Part of our bonding is doing one of the most natural things in sustaining life… eating.

You’ll get what I mean with these photos:

@ Crepelato (June 3, 2011)

The Victorian Spare Ribs
My Pistachio Gelato
The Magic Words…
So many choices!

@ Bigby’s (June 10, 2011)

Grilled Pork something…

@ Seafood Island Grill (June 17, 2011)

My bff came home to surprise her dad.  Luckily, it was a Friday! So here we go again…

The Tali Beach
Our Coffee Treat courtesy of my achi!

Ok.  That’s enough food for right now.  On to another set of bonding session.

For us long-time Friends (bff Achi – 18 years; bff Rai – 14 years), it’s always a pleasure doing common things together.  With the busy schedule of the workweek, hanging out and unwinding is all the more pleasant with friends.  I appreciated the fact that they went out their way to come and watch my basketball game and were my number 1 fans.  So heartwarming!  Then, had dinner together late at night, joined the fun run (achi, showed up well after the race started. huhu!), eating breakfast together, went on a group massage (which we forgot to take photos of)  and just being goofy around each other.

An actual picture of me playing!
Fun Run Aftershots (guess who didn’t run)
A newly discovered Ice Cream (thanks ate MM.. and Dru!)

It was a jam-packed week(end).  And I’m still reeling with all the thoughts that I want to share, trying to capture its essence at the least.  Overload I tell you!  Even in selecting photos to share, I can’t decide.

Anyway, that’s the first on my list.

Second: Father’s Day

Father’s day this year has a bittersweet feel in the air.  After the run, my brother texted me that they (his family) will be visiting Dad’s resting place to pay respects.  So I opted to go with them (since Mom had other plans as well).  I bought my dad flowers and got another set for my grandma too since their resting places were beside each other.  Before prepping up though, I still couldn’t help the trickling tears falling down my face.  Quite pathetic really… but couldn’t be helped.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed spending time with my brother’s family.  My nieces are growing up at a fast pace but they will always be my dad’s (their Daddylo’s) girls.

The Pizza of Hunger..

 Third: Work

Work’s fine.  My new boss finally started yesterday.  So far so good.  He reminds me of one of my closest friends.  Hope we’ll get along just fine.  I’m more stressed out on a different load.  Contracts of leases.  Not my cup of tea.  But, I’ll wing it for now.

Another good news from work was that the Special Non-working Holiday last June 20 has been approved by our management (a feat which they rarely do).  Hopefully, all succeeding holidays will be acknowledged!

And last..

I was planning on starting a new category.  Just something that I’m pretty sure everybody’s doing as well be it bluntly or discreetly.  What am I talking about?  Just a “Did you know” section.  So I’ll probably start posting a few trivia and other random information I gathered or just discovered within the week to keep track of what little new things I learn everyday and share it with all of you.  I would’ve started last June 15 but that idea took a backseat on the many other details in my so-called- exciting life. LOL.

What started it all and why June 15?  Well, on that day I was searching for a synonym for a word when I saw that Google had a new logo.  For those non-Google users, which I doubt there are any, Google changes their website logo whenever they were in commemoration or celebrating a feast, anniversary, or any momentous event.  What  caught my attention?  A flash video of the moon.  That was then I learned that there was a lunar eclipse the night before.  Darn!  And I missed it!

Oh well… there’ll be a next time (I hope!)

So wish me luck on my target! 🙂


A Fun Run Interview

3 days have passed since my first Fun Run with my new run buddy, Mackay.  But until now I am still constantly hounded over mobile phone texts, and Facebook comments on that not-so-uneventful day.  You see, out of the thousand runners, it was me and my run buddy who got interviewed.  Like most impromptu interviews, ours was really unexpected.  You’d think that those who took a coverage wouldn’t bother runners.  Unfortunately though, us as “runners” opted to brisk walk along the way while chatting.  Thus the ambush interview.

I didn’t even remember what the content of the interview was.  I was so out of it!  I sort of remember stating that we were running to have fun, and then slightly (and I mean SLIGHTLY) confirm knowing the cause for the event.  ARGH!!! Talk about epic fail!  Sheesh!  And to think I had my shades but didn’t wear it at that time!  Good thing the cameraman didn’t record below our race bib numbers or else all those who watched the news coverage (and its replay) would have seen my name!  That didn’t help though.  A number of people texted me saying they saw me get interviewed.  Even my aunt saw it!  Then lo and behold, a few of my Facebook friends were posting comments, mentioning the news and seeing me… a field day!  And frankly, a bit too much exposure.

I never got to see the coverage (and I’m a bit THANKFUL for that!).  At least I wouldn’t be having repeated flashbacks of another humiliating moment in my life! Whew!  I’ll never make side comments and quirky comebacks of people who were interviewed for TV (especially those who were in candid camera).

That was more than 15 minutes of fame for me.  I hope it won’t happen again.  Or rather, if it can’t be helped, I hope I’ll be more prepared, quick to respond intelligently, and most of all… be in INCOGNITO!

Lol!  Well I’m glad I made a few people smile during these past few days.  I hope I’ll get to do more (but less on my expense).

Eyesight “Improvement”

My vision has been troubling me for the past few months.  But being the stubborn person that I am, I ignored all signs pointing to the fact that I needed my eyes checked.  Mainly because I was firmly holding on to my vision grade which has been constant ever since I started wearing contact lenses.  For almost 6 years I’ve used the same grade: 2.50 for my left eye, and 2.75 for my right eye.  I wanted to cry out knowing that my eyesight has become fuzzier over the past few months.  Blame it on computer games, social networking, staying up late up to the wee hours in the morning, and again… blaming myself for being bull-headed.

SIGH… No need to prolong the inevitable.  Last night I went to my favorite optical store – Executive Optical.  I would’ve wanted it to be over soon but I ended up waiting for the optometrist to return.  When she arrived, I had to wait again for her to settle another customer’s complain.  ARGH!  Talk about exasperating circumstances!  Anyway, when it came for me to go with the usual procedures of eye check-up, I felt really apprehensive about how worse my eyesight has become.

Result?  Both my eyes got an additional .50.  Not so bad, not so good either.  Admittedly, I think I still need a higher grade especially for my left eye.  I didn’t notice it much last night but for the better part of the morning (or worse part rather), my left eye needs to be more squinted than normally to help me see better.  Or maybe I’m just sleepy.

I’m looking for something to help me feel better.  A message of sorts, an inspiring quote or two.  But instead, I stumble into a site that would help improve one’s eyesight thru subliminal messages.  Hmm… could it be a sign?   AWESOME!  Well no harm looking in to it. The mind, after all, is a powerful thing.

Since it’s on CD format (and for sale!), I opted in looking for a close substitute or at least get a general idea of its theory.  I stumbled upon Once Upon a Frog’s post here.

In a nutshell, it’s basically about having the proper mindset (and willpower, and patience).  Quite a process but same as every school of thought, it has to be coupled with faith.

Hmm… I need to clear my mind of clutter and focus.

(Po style from Kung Fu Panda 2) Inner peace… inner, inner peace… inner p… inner… SIGH.  It would take a long time!  I just hope it won’t take years of solitary meditation, or a really painful event in life.


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