Food Trip Friday: ???

Two Fridays have passed since I posted about our last dinner date at Krua Thai.  And it has been two Fridays since that I haven’t eaten out on a new (or unfamiliar) restaurant.  I was kind of hoping that yesterday would have been different.  Due to certain “preset” appointments by the others, I ended up going home for dinner instead.

I feel quite ashamed though.  Just when I was about to have planned topics (at least during Fridays!), I ended with null. *sob*  Anyway, just to get into the theme, I’ll be talking about food still for my “Food Trip Friday” Series.  Since I got home early (and the meals I ate earlier on that day was far from satisfying, but it was healthy though), my mom cooked dinner for me and her guest.  The menu?  Well nothing fancy.  Mom opted to cook misua and I went out to buy some street food (since our home was located near a school).  What in particular?  They called it “Patatas Twister” a variation of the famous “Twistix” that’s currently the rave in some prominent malls in Davao.

Patatas Twister

When I got home, the rice was almost cooked so I chowed on my patatas first.  Dinner was satisfying with a mixture of bittersweet memories flashing back.  You see, my dad was our official house cook.  And aside from his many other specialties, his talent includes making plain food recipes into delectable surprise dishes.  That includes misua dishes.


I guess nothing beats home-cooked meals after all especially coming from a hard day’s work.

Till next food trip adventure!


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  1. That patata looks like a very tasty potato boat… Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

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