Food Trip Friday: Leylam’s Shawarma Rice

Another Friday has passed and another fri-date preempted.  All the other psych peeps were busy with their own things – work, overtime, canvassing and etc.  So I ended up lounging around at home instead.

6PM was too early a time to turn in and I felt that I needed to do something different.  Sometimes it sucks being single.  You would probably know how it is – no immediate buddy to drag along in going out even for the simplest things; not having someone to talk to while walking (or argue with); and nobody to carry heavy stuff for you (not that I couldn’t handle heavy loads).  Hmm.. I think these were the reasons I mentioned that won me a gift pack from a radio contest a few years back.   Mom was out too so rather than cook for myself, I went out.

I went to pay my phone bills first before entering the grocery.  And after buying a few choice purchases, it was time to be true to my self-dubbed tradition for Food Trip Fridays.

Not quite hungry but eager to have my fill, I ordered one (1) serving of Leylam’s Shawarma rice with egg.  It’s not a new find and have already tried it a couple of times.  In fact, it was my bff Rai who introduced me to Leylam.  The Shawarma rice consists of one cup of rice, sauteed vegetables (carrots, corn, green peas, lettuce), shawarma beef, mayonnaise, and sauce.  An order is prepared right before your eyes.  So you can basically see the process.  The consumer has the option of having it plain or have it hot.  And if you like to make it really special, add an egg.  One order of Leylam’s Shawarma Rice is Php 55.00.  If with egg: Php 65.00

If you’re in Davao, you can find Leylam’s Shawarma Rice at the following malls:

SM City Davao (Ecoland) – Ground floor fronting the grocery

Gaisano Mall of Davao (Bajada) – Ground floor fronting the grocery

Robinsons Cybergate (Bajada) – Ground floor fronting the grocery

Abreeza Mall of Davao (Bajada) – Ground floor fronting Robinsons Grocery and another that is still to open at the 3rd floor open food court

Not bad for a full dinner.

Leylam’s Shawarma Rice

Since there were no tables provided, I ate my meal at the waiting shed close to Davao City Water District (DCWD) main office.  People passing by and commuters were staring at me but who cares.  I was having my fill.  I enjoyed the “laziness” of my night while everyone else was rushing along (especially because of the traffic caused by cars bumping each other earlier on).

Tune in next week on my next adventure!


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  1. Interesting dish… Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂

  2. eof737->it’s healthy and delicious..try it one time and u will be addicted

  3. Da best talaga yan.. mas na appreciate ko ito, the 2nd time around, since yung first time ko to kinain di ko pinalagyan ng sauce. haha. 😀

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