Food Trip Monday: Tia Nina Pizza and Pasta

Better late than never!

 Payday on a Monday and I felt like celebrating after the week of mixed emotions mostly stemming from my birthday.  I was craving for pizza then so when clocking out came by, me and one of my good friends decided to have dinner at TIA NINA PIZZA and PASTA.

 I got first taste of their pizza when we were doing our inventory in the farm.  I didn’t have my much-wanted fill of their pizza then (probably because of the loads of work that came along with our inventory), so this would’ve been my self-brandished first time.

 We went to their Guerrero branch and, though quaint and a bit small, the place had a homey and comfortable ambiance with it.  It was probably a bit early for the dinner crowd to start bustling in when we arrived and that suited me fine.  At least I get to bask on the “feel” of the place.  The staffs were quite accommodating and knew when to come over rather than just hover around like vultures.

The entrance from the inside


The countertop


Paintings all around..

 Our food order consisted of 2 1-piece greaseless chicken with rice, 1 Regular Hawaiian Supremo Pizza (I just LOVE Hawaiian-flavoured pizza!), and a pitcher of iced tea with a total bill of Php 260.00.  Not bad for a post-celebration expense!

 The wait wasn’t too long since the only other customer that time was already served his meal.  So in a couple of minutes, our chicken meal and drinks arrived, followed by the pizza.

The Greaseless Chicken Wings


The Pitcher of Iced Tea


Regular Hawaiian Supremo Pizza

All in all, my whole Tia Nina experience was gratifying.  The greaseless chicken was affordable and delicious, their pizza was thin but had lots of toppings that every bite you took was truly satisfying, and the place was just arranged in such a way that it’s easy to feel comfortable with.  I’m looking forward to eating out with my bffs there some other time.

Tia Nina has two branches in Davao.  One at 575-C Guerrero St. corner Sta. Ana (in front of SKS Hardware).  The other one is at Felcris Supermarket, Toril Davao City.

For more information, you can check their Facebook page here.


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  1. Delicioso post birthday celebration! That pizza looks quite tasty, I should try some in the future… As someone who loves rice, I’ll take that dish too. 🙂

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