Missing Out on the Kadayawan Festivities

Kadayawan Festival, Davao City

Image by Andy*Enero via Flickr

Today was the culmination of Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival. With activities set as early as dawn kicked off by the Phoenix Run Series, then the most anticipated float parade, and a whole lot of other events going on around the city… deciding where to go and what to do would be quite a dilemma.  Add to that the traffic in the key places for the festivities.

I ended up staying at home though.  With all my initial resolve early in the morning to go out and snap a few photos to share, I ended up with nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  Zilch.  I was just too tired from last night’s ball game.  Then there were other pressing matters (of the female kind) I couldn’t just ignore that’s currently causing me discomfort… I opted to slip away into (start theme music: Lazy Song by Bruno Mars) the LAZIES.

The festivities started early this week but my work isn’t exactly holiday-friendly.  Even on a declared holiday, our boss needs us to work.  Darn.  Last Friday was declared as a Special Holiday.  If our inventory ended early, we could’ve gone home by our target time: 9:00 AM.  But noooohhhh… questions and discrepancies had to arise.  And we finished it by 4:00PM.  Too tired to venture out, I went home to rest and freshen up.  It was only by night time that I met up with Macks at her niche in the 1st Grand Kadayawan Bazaar in Davao Convention and Trade Center.  Had dinner together with her family, then simply watched people weaving through the exhibits.

I wanted to catch at least a few of the festivities earlier too.  But no more float parades lay in wait for me.  The street market was still open along People’s Park but nothing fancy or unique stood out for me.  Didn’t even whip out my camera to take photos.  All the while thinking to myself how it sucks being single at times.  Pathetic really.  Seeing people around me walking in pairs, HHWW (Holding Hands While Walking) was quite an eyesore.  But then again, being able to freely walk on my own when I want to has it’s perks.  At least I didn’t have to please anybody but myself.  And I had my constant companion with me… my iPod.  LOL.

That’s all guys.  Did I waste your time?  Not exactly something worth sharing.  But hopefully next time, I’ll get to be more active.  I’ll post a link soon on photos taken by my bff once I get her approval.

Good night!


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