Food Trip Friday: Barrio Bistro

Dining alone on Fridays has become a habit. I don’t mind though.  Looking at it as a “me-time” experience. The food’s a bonus too.

This week’s target? Barrio Bistro. It’s a small family-type restaurant located around our neighborhood.  I could even walk to Barrio Bistro if I had difficulty grabbing a ride.

This would be my second time dining here.  The first one was with my “Kuya Consultant” Kjell. Things were pre-tty different since the last time I ate there. For one, it was far less quieter.  Unfortunately, during my second wind (so to speak), the restaurant seemed to have been the venue of a “small” reunion of sorts of a group of friends and their families.  I tell ya, they’d put a marketplace to shame with the noise they make. Sheesh!  But then again, it was fun observing them.

Anyway, sans the “reunion” going on, the place had a comfortable feel to it.  No glaring lights to disturb you. Plus, the place was WiFi enabled. Glad I brought my lappy!  I was first seated at their al fresco area at the back but when I noticed a mother and her son who opted out of the recently vacated table inside (and I was sitting by the table they preferred), I requested the waiter to move me inside and they could get my table.  Win-win.

I ordered their grilled pork chop spiced with choice herbs (I forgot what they were) which I paired with a Pineapple-Orange Juice.  I also ordered pizza to-go.  What’s great about this place is that it serves Buy 1 Take 1 Pizza everyday from 2:00PM – 5:00PM and from 8:00PM – 10:00PM for both dine-in and to-go.  Different from all the other pizza places around the city offering only this promo from 2:00PM – 5:00PM and for dine in only.  I didn’t get to wait too long for my dinner.  10 minutes tops.

My chops..

The chops were a bit dry but delectable all the same.  I prefer more juicy ones but nothing that a little seasoning of soy sauce wouldn’t solve.

The Hawaiian

What really piqued my interest was the raves about the “chewiness” of the pizza crust.  I mean, huh?  What would that taste like?  I decided to try it out.  In the end, it’s still food.  And I could never go wrong with my favorite pizza flavor (The Hawaiian! LOL).

True enough, the crust WAS chewy!  Not bubblegum-type chewy.  But dough chewy.  Ok.  It’s not really a helpful description.  I just can’t think of a particular food that tastes the same… yet.

Don Calzone..

 I opted in bringing home my buy 1, take 1 pizzas.  At least I get to savor it more at home.  They charge an additional Php 10.00 for every pizza taken out (probably to pay for the boxes).  Not bad.

Barrio Bistro

Barrio Bistro is open daily from 7:00AM – 12:00MN.  So they cater for the breakfast crowd up to yuppies out for late night gimmicks.

How to get there?

If you’re coming from J.P. Laurel St. (Bajada), you take a left along McDonald’s along Victoria Plaza and go straight towards Bo. Obrero by Lacson St. You’ll pass two intersections (Porras and Cervantes streets) and you’ll see the bistro on your left before E.Y.’s Tuna. I’m not sure if they’re delivering but their telephone number is (082) 222 3366.

Not actually my best review.  But I hope this one got you guys interested! 🙂


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  1. The Hawaiian pizza looked tasty! Hope you had a terrific evening all in all. 🙂

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