My Sunday Around the City

I was feeling quite dejected early last Sunday.  Mom still wasn’t home from her trip and I was getting pretty tired of skipping meals.  So armed with my gadgets and a couple of bucks, I was out on a mission to have my day out in my home city.  First stop?  Breakfast at Jollibee.  Yup, a bit shallow but I’ve been craving for one for their Breakfast joys meal for quite some time already.  And I remember Dad used to buy us breakfast on Sundays at Jollibee once in a while.

Breakfast Joy

My breakfast joy:  Fried rice, a piece of Longanisa, egg, and hot choco.  Just the perfect start to keep me energized.  After debating where to go next, I boarded a jeepney to take me to our city center: City Hall.  I was planning on being able to go into the Museo Dabawenyo (one of the two museums of Davao).  Unfortunately, contrary to what was listed online, they already close during Sundays.  Tough luck.  I did get one good photo of a new addition in our city.  I don’t know what’s it called.  But it’s a clock located in our city center.

The Town Clock (?)

After taking a couple of other jeeney rides around the metro, I ventured off into NCCC Mall.  One of the few malls I rarely get to go to due to proximity issues.  Glad that I went there too.  I finally found where my long-lost-out-of-stock-pined-for shoes have been hiding.  The Adidas CC Modulate W meant for running.  And the exact color that I’ve been crushing on too!  Sad though that I didn’t have money with me.  BOO.  Anyway, here’s the photo of the pair.  As what the saleslady said, it’s for the “elite” runner.  My thoughts… elite-terate? LOL.

For the "Elite" (terate) Runner

It may be an old design compared to the new ones that have come out recently.  But I find this one SO appealing.  And YES, it’s the color.  It just screams ME.  Aside from that, it’s also very light and comfortable for my feet.  With the Adidas fun run coming up this Sunday, September 4, the debate in my mind continued: Resist loans vs. Personal Gain.  Decisions, decisions.

To be continued…


Moving forward, I then went to SM City Davao (another mall I rarely go to).  Nothing much to see.  So after going around some choice stores, I went off to ride another PUJ to Gaisano Mall.  With the prodding of my BFF achi Toffee, I went to Abreeza Mall to place a period in my malling.  Half-expecting and half-worrying that I’d bump into my boss and his family, my mind seemed to magnetize my most-thought of possibility.  Upon entering Abreeza, lo and behold!  The first few persons I ran into was my 2 bosses and their daughter.  Oh well… After the pleasantries, I went off to look for a place to grab a bite and rest my back and feet.


One of our office’s Senior officer has been plugging about Hukad and the good food they serve.  So when I was at the 2nd level of Abreeza, I chanced upon Hukad’s open-to-the-public displayed menu.  One of the waitress/cashier came up to me to assist me in my queries.  With my tight budget, I was hesitant at first.  But seemingly noticing my plight, she offered their budget meals to me.  A choice of Budget Meal A: Chicken barbeque, with unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea, plus a serving of soup and a siding of eggplant salad; or Budget Meal B: 3 pieces pork barbeque with unlimited rice and bottomless iced tea, plus a serving of soup and a siding of eggplant salad for only Php 99.00.  The said budget meal is available every 2:00PM to 5:00PM.  Checking with my watch… still 4:00PM.  Hmm… why not?

Budget Meal A

Now “hukad” by definition means to scoop out or if in Cebuano or Visayan terms, to set or to serve food.  The restaurant is aptly named since it specializes in Filipino food.  Next time, when I have enough cash, I’ll try out their other dishes.

Anyway, just to share with you.  I just LOVE the food that I ate.  After eating in a number of restaurants specializing in barbequed food (the likes of Penong’s, Banok’s, Mang Inasal), I never expected to experience a different taste in chicken barbeque.  For one, Hukad’s chicken barbeque was soft and easily removed from the stick.  Juicy and with just the right amount of seasoning.  The soup wasn’t loaded with MSG, and their eggplant salad gave the right touch of “homely” feel of the whole meal.  And to think that I NEVER eat eggplants at all.

I got a kick out of the designs of their lighting fixtures.  Their light was enclosed in “kanin na nasa puso” designs.  “Puso” is another variety of how rice is cooked.  perfect for barbeque foods.

Biko with Sesame Seeds on Top

Aside from my budget meal, I also ordered one of their snack servings.  Biko (Sticky Rice) with your choice of drinks.  What makes this delicacy delicious is that it’s served hot.  And the sesame seeds on top gave it an extra oomph.

Having had my fill of malls, I eagerly walked home.  I do mean walk since Abreeza is just a couple of blocks from our place (especially since I know a couple of shortcuts).

I was still a bit wound up to take a rest and since our office declared that it’ll be observing the holidays for the 29th and 30th of the month, I needn’t worry about staying up late.  I decided to walk off my excess energy and at the same time try out my shoes (Yes, I did get it!) killing two birds with one stone.  I felt so light!  But running was out of the question yet.  My plantar fasciitis still keeps on bothering me.

For a day that started out not so well, ended up to be one of the most fun days I’ve had by myself.  But still, I’m still open for anyone who’d like to join me next time on my self-mapped out adventures. 🙂


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  1. You had a fun food time and the pictures were very helpful… that sticky rice sounds yummy. 🙂

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