Forest Hill RnR

It’s back-to-work Wednesday and it wasn’t a wee bit stressful for me.  Should I be worried?  Maybe it’s just the calm before the storm.  Anyway, no big deal.  I’m feeling quite optimistic about work as of the moment.  I guess it’s good that our boss is in town.  I get to discuss a number of things with him and he seems willing to listen.  (Yey for me!)  And he seems to take my side with the possible changes/adjustments along the way.  Still not looking forward to having a new HR Manager though.  But I’ll live.

I’m still reeling from the long weekend though.  It’s been quite some time since I’ve enjoyed lounging around and taking it easy.  “Chillaxing” as one of my friends would say.  My eyes are a bit tired though.  Probably from all the swimming I’ve done yesterday.  I’ve gotten a shade darker but nothing so noticeable.  Thankfully.  The best part?  No muscle pains!  Quite amazing really.  I usually end up with a sore an lethargic body after spending a day in the pool.  But then again, it technically wasn’t a whole day activity.  One of my officemates invited me and some of our colleagues to go to Forest Hill yesterday.  A sort of last hurrah for the long weekend.  Turns out, it was only me and one of our maintenance staff who were available.

Our sweet hosts

Kuya Don's Humba..

Grilled Chops

Grilled Fish




It didn’t matter though.  The food was bountiful and the ride was free.  I just had to bring my stuff and pay for my entrance and everything else was set.  The trip to Forest Hill was a bit long.  And the sun was shining ever so brightly… communing with the celebration.  But I love road trips.  And even the harsh rays of the sun couldn’t put a damper on my spirit.

Forest Hill

The last time I went to Forest Hill was 1o-11 years ago.  When we got there, the improvements that have occurred over the years were worth applauding.  For one, they’ve expanded their area.  Another, they added a kiddie pool complete with mini slides, fountains, and showers that all the kids and the kids at heart would love.

Kiddie Area

After taking in the changes of the place, it was time to spread out our food.  It really pays to know people who are good in cooking.  The food ate Berlie and kuya Don prepared for us was just perfect for a day out in the pool.  And for a party of 5 kids and 6 adults, the amount of servings was more than enough not only for lunch but for an early dinner too.

With the week starting out at such a positive note, I’m pumped up with enough happy thoughts to look forward to the challenges to come.  But before that, better get some shut eye.

Good night everyone!

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  1. Get your rest and have a wonderful weekend ahead! I had to pinch myself when I realized it is already Friday in my part of the world… It has been a hectic week. 🙂

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