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A Quick Shoutout!

Hey guys!  Just checking in to say that I’m still alive!  Sorry for being MIA for the past few weeks.  I’ve been so busy with work and my broadband plug-in at home got broken.  With the new changes in my workplan, logging online at work has become limited (plus our IT Department keeps blocking my internet connection.  BOO!).  I also haven’t gone out to any coffee shops or wifi areas and continue blogging.  Most of the time I just want to stay at home and catch some sleep.

Anyway, I’ve got a few thoughts and events I want to share.  More food trip moments, adventures in mining, projects, and other personal stuff.  I hope you’re all still interested!  Thank you for your patience.

But I guess I have to set that aside on a later date.  I still have to go to the Farm today to do my LR duties as well as check up on the families of the employees who stayed in the bunkhouses that caught on fire.

Wish me luck!  You guys have a great day today, ok! 🙂


It’s Not a Promotion… More Like a Step Up

My position title is still the same.  And from the vacancies and interview schedules I’ve been setting for the past week (both of our bosses were in town at that time), they were looking for a supervisory position in my department.  A bit sad though that I’ll be the one orienting someone who’ll be supervising me.  Hmm… But as of last Thursday, our COO disclosed that we will be hiring new employees for my department.  2 to be exact… and I will be their immediate head.

WHAT?!? Did I hear right?

I guess I did.  Because far along our discussion, further instructions were given as to how I will be delegating all tasks under HR.  So I just simply kept a straight face, carefully processing what he was saying but at the same time reeling and grinning from ear-to-ear internally.  No talk about changes in my title but that’s not a bother.  Suddenly I’m bombarded with added responsibility by overseeing other people besides myself, and slacking off just isn’t an option.

I’ve always had plans and proposals in mind but never got the chance to air a lot (some I was able to discuss though), and somehow drawing up plans, listing them down, and all things related in reorganization, realignment, and policy creation seemed way out of my league.  Until I started opening my mouth on pertinent issues and giving out ideas to address other concerns.  I should be happy.  I am!  But I’m getting a lot of sleepless nights thinking about it.  Over-thinking much?

Not really.  I guess I just have a bee in my bonnet whenever I am given a large responsibility.  Especially when it’s something I’ve never tried before.  I’ve been planning, scratching out, and rethinking ideas for the last few nights.  And last night, when I should’ve rested for my fun run early this morning, I ended up drawing up a “to-do” list for Monday.  So far, I’ve filled up 4 pages (going 5) on my notebook which I have officially dubbed as my “planning  notes”.  I SO want this to work.  I’m a bit scared but I want to prove myself that I can do it (most especially before our bosses would have other plans AGAIN for my department).  Better move fast but better be well-prepared as well.

I’m nursing a mild headache, and I seem to have caught a cold plus my eyes are getting red for not getting any sleep.  Hopefully I won’t be too bugged down tomorrow.  It’ll be a turning point.  Too bad that the other applicant backed out for the position.  Can’t blame her though.  So I’d better continue pooling again.

Like I said, it’s not a promotion.  But it’s a step up!  Time for battle! 🙂

Wish me luck!!!

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