Food Trip Saturday: Yallah!

Ok. It’s not really a food trip.  More like, showing my support to the newly-opened diner of my former classmate/running buddy Macks.  Finally, after all the plannings and setbacks, her (hers and her brothers’) diner was open to the public last September 10, 2011.  I got my invite through a personal call from Macks for the free dinner buffet and cash bar.  I promised I’d drop by since I still had basketball that night.

Yallah! Let's Eat

When I arrived, I wasn’t able to catch the dinner buffet, but the place was JAM-PACKED!!!  The music the live band was playing was still blaring from the speakers.  Since I didn’t get to have dinner yet, Macks offered me a piece of shawarma (on a stick) to fill me up.  Seeing my “tired” state, she offered me her “must-try” drink.  The BULLFROG.  After taking a sip did she only tell me what was in it.  Redbull, gin, vodka, and I forgot the last piece.

The Bullfrog

Sad to say though, it didn’t give me the right jolt of energy Macks was talking about when you drink this type of cocktail.  Sorry Sis!  Too tuckered out that time.  Plus, I was feeling a bit out of place since my other batchmates weren’t around to share Macks’ victory.  No one I knew well to talk too (except the host of course!).

Looking to the outside

Looking from the entrance

I haven’t been back there since their opening night.  But I’m looking forward to going back once Macks returns from her out of town trip.  And hopefully, some of our Psych friends would be able to get together there as well.

If you guys are interested in going to Yallah!, they’re located at:

Door 4, Quimpo, Juan Luna Street,Davao City, Philippines

For more photos and information, you can check out their Facebook page here.





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  1. It looks like a cozy and relaxing setting… 🙂

  2. should visit next time i’m home

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