Movie Quotes: Happy Feet Two

Watching Happy Feet Two last Saturday night was one of the best decisions I’ve made for the past week.  Aside from the exuding “cuteness” of the baby penguins, the tap-dancing, and great songs so aptly selected, the laugh-out-loud moments brought about the characters’ dialogue exchanges were just priceless for me.  So here are a few movie quotes I would like to share with you (not in order of the movie though).

Narrator: Everything in this world, no matter how big, no matter how small is connected in ways we never expected.

Penguins: We’re bringing fluffy back…yeah!

Mumble: But there are plenty of reasons to dance.
Erik: What’s mine pa?
Mumble: The only way to find out, is to try it. Come on son. Let’s shake this world!

Ramon: I wanna know what love is!

Ramon: What’s a best friend for if he cannot bring a daddy and his boy together?

Gloria: When your daddy is in a deep hole, he has to learn to stop digging.

Erik: Fluffy don’t float.

Ramon: Okay! Here’s what we’re going to do. We count to three. Push me on two… but don’t tell me!
Penguins: One….. (they push Ramon in)
Ramon: Baby penguins – cute, but ruthless!

Ramon: The love-god is back!
Atticus: Whoa! Ignored by thousands!

Carmen: You. Me. Fat chance.
Ramon: I have a chance, and it’s fat!

Ramon: But who will love Ramon?!

Sven: If you want it, you must will it. If you will it, it will be yours.

Sven: Believe in yourself Erik. Sven believes in you.

Will: There’s only one of me in the world. I’m one in a trillion.

Will: Everything has an end. I must reach the end of the world.

Will: This is our moment Bill.
Bill:  Okay…
Will: Adapt.  Or die my friend.
Bill: Adapt?  There’s no telling what we might become!
Will:  Fine! Be a plankton for all your life.

Bill: Will, what are we looking for?
Will: That’s the adventure my friend. I don’t know.

Will: I’m moving up the food chain! I’m gonna chew on something that has a FACE!
Bill: No no no no….
Will: (latches on, chomps down) “A little…chewy.
Bill: You just nibbled on it’s butt!

Baby Penguin: Booyah!

Mumble: When things go wrong, running is not the answer.

Mumble: Okay, keep going.  But nice and slow.

Elephant Seal: Take your little furball and fluff off!
Atticus: You’ll be apologizing, or I’m gonna tear you a new nostril!

Miss Viola: Do you have a tail feather?
Boadicia: Yes, I have a tail feather!
Miss Viola: Then you shake it, my dear!

Penguin: Every obstacle is an opportunity.

Mumble: But there are a lot of dangers out there.
Viola Boadicia: Not dangers but challenges.

Will: Delusional singing. That’s the first sign of madness.

Bill: Let’s make our own swarm!
Will: We’re both males.
Bill: Let’s adopt!
Will: No.  You adopt! I adapt!
Bill: Fine!  There are many other krills in the sea.
Bill: Will?  Wait for me!

Bill: So… you want some music?
Will: Nope.
Bill: Let’s have some music!
Bill: (singing) Wake me up before you go go. ‘Coz I’m not planning on going solo. Wake me up before you go go.
Will: (groans) Would you keep it down!
Bill: I wanna hit that high…
Will: Just keep quit!
Bill: Yeah yeah!

Bill: (singing) I’m never gonna give you up. I’m never gonna let you down…

Gloria: Come on everyone.  Let’s cuddle up.

Mumble: Ramon! It’s incredible! Everybody came.
Ramon: Except for that guy who stayed behind because he had the sniffles…
(Penguin sneezes loudly in the background)
Ramon: Oh, no, he’s here.

Ramon: I hate this long distance relationship.

Ramon: You are my world.. entirely.
Carmen: Ramon, you’re beautiful!
Ramon: Only on the outside…

Will: Imagination is the second sign to madness.

Penguin: As long as we are together, we are already home.

Penguin: It’s nice to have a family.

Mumble: Come on. We’re wasting our time. There’s nothing for us here
Erik: No, Pa. This is so unfair. After what you have done, you really deserve better.
Mumble: Nothing makes sense in this world, Eric.

Bill: We all have a purpose. Yours is to change the world.

Bryan the Beachmaster: Sometimes you have to back up in order to move forward!

There are some quotes that still come to mind but I can’t remember the exact wording.  I’ll update this once I remember.  In addition, I’ve added some of the songs which I caught myself bouncing into.  Thanks to iMovie for uploading these tunes in your channel:

The Intro Medley

Papa Oom Mow Mow

Dragonstea Din Tei

Bridge of Light

Under Pressure/Rhythm Nation

Have you guys seen the movie already?  I would love to hear your thoughts.  For those who haven’t, I hope I’ve piqued your interest enough for you to watch it with your family!

Happy watching!


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  1. I enjoyed that movie too… Heartwarming! 🙂

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  3. This is exactly what I was searching for! greate website.

  4. I love Sven I think he’s awesome and funny:) lol

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