Dancing at Disco Revolution

I love dancing.

Dancing, however, doesn’t agree with my body coordination.  In every chance I get for group dancing presentations, I go into a state of “mind-is-willing-but-body-not-cooperating” status.  As a [frustrated] musician, I know how to follow the beat.  And yes, my body feels the beat.  But to express it in dance?  I end up feeling awkward and clumsy.  Must be my figure, but seeing other people “bulkier” than me dance gracefully, proves that assumption wrong.

In my high school and college life, I’ve never gone to dances or discos.  Well… not to dance anyway, but to meet up with friends and observe.  I am always in awe of the ladies who can gyrate and writhe their bodies to the music without looking ridiculous.  Even the guys have their own dance moves that seem comfortable and easy enough.

Flash forward to the present and still the same feeling remains.  Even during our Christmas Party last December 17, no matter how I wanted to dance and “show-off” my nonexistent moves to bag a prize, my body was just plain STIFF!

An officemate of mine commented that I wasn’t into dancing and was more into basketball.  Cause she noticed me shun away during the dance showdown.  Honestly, yes!  But at least I knew how to play basketball.  Put me up against all girls in the office and I’d win hands down (not bragging) in basketball.  And she further commented  “That may be so.  But not all girls play basketball.”  In short, I ended up feeling more dejected.

I’ve always analyzed the why of my dancing inadequacy.  And in a nutshell: I couldn’t let myself LET GO.  Letting go to my inhibitions, letting go for the thrill of the moment… surrendering to the inevitable whether to be praised or ridiculed…

Until last night.

As far as dancing goes, last night was a first.  A few of my colleagues went out last night to attend a celebration/birthday party and afterwards, we went off to have our own bonding sessions.  The place we ended up going?  To a secluded disco bar: Disco Revolution (Formerly Salambat).

Joy knew the owner.  And we were just shooting off the side if we could get in for free.  And we did!  Since there was only one other group/pair as customers, we had the place to ourselves.  Joy and Leo started dancing (seeing that they were the two BETTER dancers hands-down).  I knew Joy danced pretty well, but what impressed and delighted me most was Leo’s dancing.  His moves were plain and simple but he had that charisma in him to really pull you to dance!  His dancing, although a bit sexy but didn’t seem malicious at all.  In fact, Joy, Elmer and I had a blast laughing and dancing.

Yes, I actually danced!  After a few inhibiting moments and prodding from Leo and Elmer, I started listening to the beat with my body.  Awkward at first but getting there.

Since our last night out was just our little secret, we’re looking forward to more bonding sessions.  Hopefully my dancing will improve!

Merry Christmas!


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A traveler at heart, a bystander by nature. On good hair days, I look like a cobra with my hair serving as my "hood". On other days, I'm better off left alone. Genuine, sweet, thoughtful, and simple.

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  1. I’m sure it will. Practice makes perfect. Happy Holidays!

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