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I’m going to have to skip my pre-planned post to make way to something more recent.  So my December rundown of activities would have to wait.

I’ve been composing, scratching, and recomposing in my head on what I’d be saying and how to go about this post.  So pardon me for any confusion I may cause you so I’ll just say it as I see it fit.

Here goes…

I’m not that BIG into EBs or “eyeball” even when chatting was such a boom a few years back in my high school and college days.  Sure I chatted, had a couple of EB invites, talked and texted to some over landlines and early mobile phone versions, but never was really keen into meeting up with strangers (even if I’ve chatting with that same person for quite sometime).  Maybe it was because of the times and the fact that I was not comfortable stepping out of my comfort zones, preferring [pretending] to be an extrovert hiding in the precept of a code name having an air of mystery and suspense (for me anyway).

If I remember my mantra in college correctly, I was always the one from the outside-looking-in.  An observer… a wallflower.  If I stood out, it would be the most awkward moments of my life.  Crowds of people daunt me at times and I prefer being with people I’ve known personally and have established a bond with.  Call it being selective or whatever you like but it boils down on to belonging.

However, last Saturday night, I finally attended my first (ever!) EB with 3 other people who are great fans of RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush with Chico & Delamar.  But before I go into detail (and process my own thoughts), just a few details and info.

What I Know About The Morning Rush

The Morning Rush or TMR is the radio program of Monster Radio 93.1 every weekdays at 6:00AM to 10:00AM.  The listeners call themselves as the “Rushers” who also participate in the show’s daily top 10 topics.  Some consider themselves as “Silent Rushers” (like me!) who prefer to tune in than actively participating in sending their own entries for the chosen topic of the day.

To know more about TMR, you can check here and also their Facebook page here.

A Look on My TMR Moments

I started my TMR journey when I was working in Manila during 2006 – 2007.  I was scanning my mobile phone’s radio to listen to any new tunes that would keep me up during the LONG travel from where I was staying to where I was working then when I stumbled upon Monster Radio RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush with Chico & Delamar.  Aside from the music, what got me hooked was their daily top ten and the bantering between DJs Chico and Delamar.  And since then I’ve been over a listening to almost each episode.  That time it was JoeShred and LoiPogi who ruled the the top ten (among others!)  The show was aired for 3 hours then from Monday to Saturday.  Which was great since my work was til Saturday.

One of my most memorable experiences with TMR was when I won the last piece of Burger King’s Singles Promo.  I was SO nervous then when my call patched through that I wasn’t even able to greet Chico and Delle.  The best part?  Being able to talk to Delle and hear one of her say one of her favorite lines to my answer (Have you been reading my diary?)

I met a road bump in my TMR  journey when I went home to Davao for good but thank God for podcasts by Bluritz and for live streaming.  Honestly though, I stopped listening due to technical difficulties and internet connections.  I’m glad though that my previous work gave me opportunities to go back to Manila for short periods of time and I get to tune in when I’m there.  The plus side?  I met a few workmates who were silent rushers too!

TMR Converts

I  can only name one.  My bff Toffee who’s currently working in Manila.  At first, my constant prodding for her to tune in didn’t seem to get through to her.  So I didn’t push it anymore.  When, a year (or so) ago, she suddenly told me she was having a blast listening to TMR and regretted (undoubtedly) not heeding my words before. LOL  It feels great to have someone close to me share my love for TMR.

Okay, so I’m getting off tangent here.  Fast Forward to last Saturday.

Last January 28 was the official book launching and book signing of The Best of Chico and Delamar’s Top 10” book in Manila.  After 15 years of being on the airwaves, they finally made a tangible proof of the success of their show.  Unfortunately though… it was only in Manila.  However (because of the TMR FB group) I found out that there were 3 other Rushers here in town too.  So when they planned on having our own “satellite EB” along with the book launch, I thought… GO!

It was SO exciting meeting fellow rushers for the first time!  That even before our mini EB, all 4 of us kept on tweeting and greeting each other!  In retrospect, it would’ve felt weird to know completely NOTHING personally about a person (or a group) and yet feel like we’ve known each other for SO LONG.

While travelling towards our meeting place, I got a bit worried on how things would unfold when I finally met them in person.  What would we talk about?  What if they won’t like me?  How do these things (EBs) go about?  What next?

Too late to go back and chicken out!

I’m glad I didn’t!  It felt awkward at first (no exact plans to follo  w), but everything seemed to set into its own place.  It was a getting-to-know phase but there were a lot of fun and laughter that got interjected in between conversations that it felt like reconnecting with old bffs.  Probably comparing how EBs played out before and now, it seems easier now with all the social networking sites available to meet and greet people, and to stalk (just kidding!)… check out people and find out common interests.  At times, I felt at a loss on some of their lingo (is my age showing?) but I winged it. LOL.

So we had dinner at Shakey’s then went off to our new unofficial tambayan “Fuxion Sencha”.  I was just BLOWN AWAY how these eyeballs are bigger than any of us.  Surprisingly, though there were only 4 of us, we felt being one with the rushers who were present at the book signing!  We had phone patches, real-time updates through FB and Twitter, and to really feel the moment, RXTMR podcasts were playing in our background.  And what’s great?  Rushers whose code names were very popular with the show, were greeting us, tweeting us, and were making us feel part of the bigger picture – being part of the TMR family.

It’s great to be a Rusher!  Though I’m still a silent one (at times!), it’s great to finally meet @Rawrph, @xiongpagong, and @serjz101.  Let’s meet up again soon!

By the way, I thought I’d share a few photos of our pictures.

First Group Pix of RXTMR DavaoRushers

Our Dinner at Shakey's

They have their shirts already!

Our new tambayan!

Ang mga pinagtripan sa Fuxion/Sencha

Last Pix for the Night!


Happy New Year 2012

Hi Everyone!  Happy New Year!!!  I haven’t been able to sit down and just leave my fingers to start keying the words my thoughts are dictating.  Been swamped with a number of things and different life events since last December that I haven’t been able to process it all and share about.  One thing’s for sure though.  2011 closed for me with a LOT of things to be thankful for.  And I wouldn’t be doing it any justice if I just simply enumerate it all without describing in detail each event.

Aside from that, I’ve also attended a number of parties and occasions that I would like to share with you guys.  I just haven’t got the time in uploading the photos to show you all.

So, sorry to keep you all waiting and thank you for your patience!  I’ll check in soon to update you all.

Advance Happy Chinese New Year!

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