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Food Trip Friday: Riley Simon Grilled Burger and Ribs

Just out of the blue, I invited a friend of mine to accompany me in trying out some delicacies in Riley Simon Grilled Burger and Ribs.

I first saw an ad about it (more like a photo of a local newspaper featuring this diner)  in Facebook by a friend.  Judging from its caption, it was either her friend’s business or their family business.  Anyway, I wasn’t too eager to try it out yet (diet mode: on).  I didn’t even catch the name of the place then.  However, when one of my rusher friends tweeted that we try out Riley Simon’s soon, I decided to check it out for myself first.

So last Friday, we headed out to the intersection of V. Mapa and Mabini St. for a first-hand experience.  The place wasn’t too crowded yet when we arrived and the owners were very friendly in welcoming guests.  And I was right!  A family-owned business!  I saw my high school senior year classmate busily going from the kitchen to the counter in catering to orders.  I also saw a younger year schoolmate taking the reigns by the counter.

Not to call to much attention and bother them, we took our seats and ordered dinner.  One RS#7 (Grilled Round Burger with Tomato, Lettuce, Cucumber, Cheese, Mayonnaise & Caramelized Onion) and the RS Rib#2 (1/4 kg Grilled Pork Ribs with Rice).

After waiting  a couple of minutes for our orders to arrived, I tried checking for a WiFi signal since they didn’t post any signs in having a connection.  And as luck would have it, I was in a WiFi hotspot!  Not sure though if it were their own.  LOL.

It didn’t take too long for the food to arrive.   The RS#7 was the first to be served.  It was my first time to order a “giant” burger.  And honestly, I was wondering how I could finish it off.  Luckily, my friend was willing to help me in eating it.


 The burger buns were a bit too thick for me.  But I guess it was to balance out all the toppings (fillings).  All in all, the food was great!  The ambiance was quite already (just don’t get caught in the dinner crowd rush).  But with the hospitable owners and crews, you’d never feel unattended.

So congratulations to Davao, for having a new flavor added to what the city can offer!

By the way, Riley Simon is open everyday from 10AM to 10PM.


Jumpstarting Ice Craze

For fear of suffering pneumonia, I opted to take time off from my cycling.  Weather has been crazy in our part of the country alternating from cool mornings, hot noon, rainy afternoons, and then humid-rainy evenings.   Not healthy.  I’m still suffering from cough and colds so I better not push my health limit.  Mom would have a field day if I got sicker.

 When a door closes, a window opens

 Seeing that my cycling chronicles has been temporarily been put on hold (for the time being), I took this window of opportunity to jumpstart my planned business… ICE SCRAMBLE.

My idea of the Ice Scramble, was hazy, and uncertain.  Too “streetly” to be ever taken seriously as a business venture especially when my co-worker, Ate Ebang, brought to the office the Iskrambol (street work for Ice Scramble) she bought from her son’s school.  So when my other officemate (Joy) mentioned owning her own Ice Scramble business, I didn’t really get interested.  Even when she came by our house and seeing that our area was a prime spot (with schools just nearby) and talked with my mom, I was only half-heartedly listening, relying on my mom to pick up the details and shoulder the capital for expenses.

 However, last January 21, 2012, Joy was hired by Ate Ebang to serve her Ice Scramble to the Christening Celebration of her daughter (my newest godchild) thus having a chance to taste her ice creations.  It was the ignition that I needed to commit to this venture.  My own ICE CRAZE!

 Joy’s Advice

 Taking a few notes on Joy’s tips and after careful consideration, I finally invested on an ice machine to get my business started.  Ordering one machine online (with positive reviews on the item and the reliability of the seller), I was eager for its arrival last Saturday.  After the initial terror of the late delivery, my mind was eased once I got steady communication with the courier informing me that the delivery was running a little late and that It’ll arrive.  And it did!   Whew!  Thankfully Elmer was still around that time and he bought the machine for me in his motorcycle (since I was riding my back to work then and I was wondering: How would I be able to carry it?!).

 Time for the ingredients.

 Sunday afternoon, I went out to look for the needed equipment and ingredients/toppings to properly organize and set everything in order.  For the main ingredient though, I had to seek help from Joy.  And after my initial labour in buying the goods (containers, coolers, tools, toppings), I was eager to learn and get the ball rolling.

 Joy came by Monday evening to “tutor” us in making ICE SCRAMBLE.  Both me and my mom were AMAZED as to how easy it was to prepare and the results were appealing, appetizing, and GREAT!  The initial taste test was a success!  Mom was giddy with excitement that it seemed like a game… but with earnings.  The next morning, I prepared a fresh batch to have it taste tested by some of our close neighbours.  Let’s just say that even if students wouldn’t pick up our spot, we still wouldn’t be missing out on customers.

 We still haven’t decided on our price ranges so I’m still scouting our competitors and see how we fare.

Mom's Version


The Window opens even more

 One of our neighbours who taste-tested (my godmother), booked our small business on Friday for the Centrum­ – a science fair-like place (I think) that was having an event.  What better way to market our product!  Mom’s mixed with excitement and dread though.  After all, she’s still getting the hang off the preparations and customer service issues.  But then again, mom’s resilient.  And hopefully though, her hired help can come along.  Too bad that I couldn’t go though.

 Eventually, there’ll be more iced delicacies we’ll be able to prepare.  I’m considering the Filipino delicacy Halo-halo, Mais con Hielo, and Snow Cones (still need to find out how this is made).

 The possibilities look promising!  But for now, I’ll take it slow.  At least we’re generating income while having fun in our trial run!  One of the best things I got from this?  Mom wouldn’t be TOO bored with her retirement.

 Here’s a sneak preview of my first tarpaulin ad.

First Tarpaulin Ad

The Cycling Chronicles: Sick Day

I missed out in my cycling today.  I think I caught something yesterday when I went biking with my mom (who went on a walk).  It was drizzling by the time we were done buying fruits in the marketplace.  I hurriedly cycling home but I guess being sweaty while biking under the rain can do havoc in your immune system.

Darn!  But then again, I guess I needed to ease up for a while.

Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow… no more colds, sore throat, and chills.

Meanwhile, my workmate finally did her tutorial here at home on my new project: small-scale business of … ICE SCRAMBLE!  We had our product “launching” and taste test earlier.  No reviews yet! But this looks promising!  And I plan on earning back my capital.  Anyway, that’s for another post. 🙂

How was your day guys?

The Cycling Chronicles: The Morning After Rush

I rode my bike to work today.  I’m still rehashing it in my head if it was a good idea or a crazy one.  It was a good idea because I’d be able to adjust to a new schedule of cycling (late night bike runs are a bit… hazardous to one’s safety and health.  Not that I would avoid night cycling totally though!).  Crazy because I haven’t plotted out my proper route, and the weather seems to be erratic at its best.  LOL.

Nevertheless, I’ll live.

Once again I forgot to do some stretching exercises and my legs started to complain when I got to the highway.  The strain last night must have resurfaced adding to the pressure on my aching muscles.  But then again, I bask in the feeling of muscle pains after fitness activities.  It gives me proof that I’m really putting effort in keeping fit.  But I think I need to rest up a bit in the evenings to have more “firepower” in cycling during mornings.

My front wheels must have hit something sharp a few nights ago making it flat while heading off to work.  Good thing there was a vulcanizing shop nearby to cater to it.  Well… so far so good.  I’m not keen in buying a new set of wheels yet so I think a complete check-up is in order for my bike.  Plus!  I need to have a crash course in dismantling, assembling, and fixing a bicycle.  Time to get dirty!

Wish me luck!

Cycling Lesson #5: Always conduct a complete review and check-up (applicable in life too).


The Cycling Chronicles: Night Spin 2

Took my bike for another spin around the block around 10PM to 11PM.  Quite an experience.  I think I need to change my schedule though.  The cold night air seems to bite my skin and if mashed up with my sweat would lead to health issues.


So anyway, I’m thinking of changing my biking schedule on mornings.  Probably next week, or the week after that.

I just realized that I still have a few traumatic “humps” that I need to get over to be truly comfortable in my cycling.  Particularly… turning left.  I mean, OMG!  I’m left-handed and it’s supposed to be my strong side!  But the thought of turning on my left side (regardless if I turn slowly or not), gives me palpitations.

I hope I can get over it soon.  But for now, slowly practicing my turns would prove helpful during my bicycle rides.  Wish me luck!

Cycling Lesson #3: Plot out cycling schedules

Cycling Lesson #4: Practice turning

The Cycling Chronicles: My Night Spin

I finished my bike ride 2 hours ago just to sweat off the excess fats I seemed to have gained from lunch (Bev’s birthday) and dinner (Bhing’s Wedding reception).  I’m resting up a bit before I hit the sack in a few minutes.  My left knee seems a bit overworked from pedaling but nothing that I can’t handle.  The small of my back is cranking up too but I’ll live.  Weird… I should be sleepy from the mixture of work and workout, but I’m still feeling up and about.  I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not though…

It’s relaxing to go biking at night.  However, I’m not downplaying possible threats in safety and security for myself.  So my next order of business would be to trick out the lighting and early warning accessories for my bike.

So far, so good.  If I gain enough confidence, highways will be my next target.  But for now, the leisurely pace I’m taking suits me just fine.  I hope though that in one month’s time I’ll be able to set a healthy and comfortable pace, and plot out my route in heading towards the office.

Cycling Lesson #2: Prioritize safety.

The Cycling Chronicles: Afternoon Around the Block

I thought I’d add something new to my lifestyle this year.  So after many years of planning on having my own bicycle – planning on assembling one (well… asking someone to assemble me one) – I finally bought a bicycle last night courtesy of the referral of my workmate Joy.  The shift gears (if that’s what they’re called) are a bit daunting for me since the only other time I had a bike was when I was 9 or 10 years old and it was just a plain old bike with two wheels, brakes, a bell, and a basket.  SO LAME! LOL.  (But then again, I was only a kid!)  I’m keeping things positive though.  Besides, I’ll get the knack of it with constant use and practice.

I want to stay fit through exercise and/or through different sports activities.  Basketball season has not yet kicked off and though I’ve already set up plans for exhibition games, I’m pressuring myself to lose weight.  The effects of the Christmas season has really taken it’s toll on my so-called diet.  And it’s such a CHALLENGE to shed off the extra pounds to feel comfortable with my clothes.  I enjoy joining fun runs too but not having my own running buddies to be at pace with from the start is a bit depressing.  I don’t think it’s fare for me to run and not enjoy it.  It wouldn’t be a FUN run anymore if I seem to push myself and just finish the run rather than appreciate the pace I’m taking.  Don’t get me wrong!  I’d still join fun runs!  But I want to do something that can keep me fit, can get me somewhere, and something that I can whip out when I need a good sweat.  FUNctional in short.

So I’m going to attempt chronicling my cycling moments.  No I will NOT monitor the buckets of sweat I would probably gather, nor the calories I may have burned (good thing I don’t have the apparatus to keep records of such).  Instead, I’ll share the interesting tidbits of my ride.

Technically, I should have started last night but since I didn’t have any protective gears yet (and cycling wasn’t generally part of my plans too), I’ll just say I had a great biking experience last night.  There was not much traffic anymore so it was a relaxing ride back home.  One of our office drivers “escorted” me with his motorbike home – a great confidence booster – just to make sure I got home safe.  I’m pretty sure Joy and I will be having our cycling road trips soon. Excited!

Okay, after buying the most essential of cycling protective equipment – Helmet, tail reflector, lock, and padded shorts – I was ready for a mini run around the neighborhood.  Honestly?  It felt weird riding alongside big cars.  But it was exhilarating too!  I kept thinking to myself I could go almost anywhere if I wanted too.  But before that though, I need a few more reflectors (for my pedal), lights, and gloves.  And I think I need to register my bike just to be sure.

There I was earlier this afternoon circling around the neighborhood just around the limits and not going beyond the highway until after my first hour when I decided going to Gaisano Mall.  I was a bit hesitant in leaving my bike parked in the obscurity of the parking lot but then again, why not?  As I was heading up to the first level of the parking lot I got flagged down by the security guard saying that bicycle parking is not allowed inside the mall’s parking area.  My mind was like: “WHAT?!”  When I asked where should I park my bike then?  He said he didn’t know.  Outside perhaps.  And again.. “WHAT?”  And risk losing my bike?  I was quite disappointed.  So is there a discrimination then against bicycles?  Isn’t it the more environmental-friendly vehicle?  UGH!  The disappointment!  I just hope other malls are not as discriminatory though.  I’d be bummed out if malls wouldn’t be able to provide a safe parking space for bicycle users.

Anyway, after that roadblock, I was planning on going to Abreeza instead (’cause I needed to purchase something) but it started to drizzle and with me sweating a lot, I didn’t want to risk getting sick.  So I headed off for home.

My butt has been feeling bruised last night and I’m still looking for a remedy for that.  My leg muscles are a bite sore too but it’s not something I can’t handle.  I’m pretty excited to make this a daily exercise habit.  Wish me luck!

Cycling Lesson #1: Remember to stretch your muscles.

My Bike Helmet! Let's keep safe!

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