The Cycling Chronicles: Afternoon Around the Block

I thought I’d add something new to my lifestyle this year.  So after many years of planning on having my own bicycle – planning on assembling one (well… asking someone to assemble me one) – I finally bought a bicycle last night courtesy of the referral of my workmate Joy.  The shift gears (if that’s what they’re called) are a bit daunting for me since the only other time I had a bike was when I was 9 or 10 years old and it was just a plain old bike with two wheels, brakes, a bell, and a basket.  SO LAME! LOL.  (But then again, I was only a kid!)  I’m keeping things positive though.  Besides, I’ll get the knack of it with constant use and practice.

I want to stay fit through exercise and/or through different sports activities.  Basketball season has not yet kicked off and though I’ve already set up plans for exhibition games, I’m pressuring myself to lose weight.  The effects of the Christmas season has really taken it’s toll on my so-called diet.  And it’s such a CHALLENGE to shed off the extra pounds to feel comfortable with my clothes.  I enjoy joining fun runs too but not having my own running buddies to be at pace with from the start is a bit depressing.  I don’t think it’s fare for me to run and not enjoy it.  It wouldn’t be a FUN run anymore if I seem to push myself and just finish the run rather than appreciate the pace I’m taking.  Don’t get me wrong!  I’d still join fun runs!  But I want to do something that can keep me fit, can get me somewhere, and something that I can whip out when I need a good sweat.  FUNctional in short.

So I’m going to attempt chronicling my cycling moments.  No I will NOT monitor the buckets of sweat I would probably gather, nor the calories I may have burned (good thing I don’t have the apparatus to keep records of such).  Instead, I’ll share the interesting tidbits of my ride.

Technically, I should have started last night but since I didn’t have any protective gears yet (and cycling wasn’t generally part of my plans too), I’ll just say I had a great biking experience last night.  There was not much traffic anymore so it was a relaxing ride back home.  One of our office drivers “escorted” me with his motorbike home – a great confidence booster – just to make sure I got home safe.  I’m pretty sure Joy and I will be having our cycling road trips soon. Excited!

Okay, after buying the most essential of cycling protective equipment – Helmet, tail reflector, lock, and padded shorts – I was ready for a mini run around the neighborhood.  Honestly?  It felt weird riding alongside big cars.  But it was exhilarating too!  I kept thinking to myself I could go almost anywhere if I wanted too.  But before that though, I need a few more reflectors (for my pedal), lights, and gloves.  And I think I need to register my bike just to be sure.

There I was earlier this afternoon circling around the neighborhood just around the limits and not going beyond the highway until after my first hour when I decided going to Gaisano Mall.  I was a bit hesitant in leaving my bike parked in the obscurity of the parking lot but then again, why not?  As I was heading up to the first level of the parking lot I got flagged down by the security guard saying that bicycle parking is not allowed inside the mall’s parking area.  My mind was like: “WHAT?!”  When I asked where should I park my bike then?  He said he didn’t know.  Outside perhaps.  And again.. “WHAT?”  And risk losing my bike?  I was quite disappointed.  So is there a discrimination then against bicycles?  Isn’t it the more environmental-friendly vehicle?  UGH!  The disappointment!  I just hope other malls are not as discriminatory though.  I’d be bummed out if malls wouldn’t be able to provide a safe parking space for bicycle users.

Anyway, after that roadblock, I was planning on going to Abreeza instead (’cause I needed to purchase something) but it started to drizzle and with me sweating a lot, I didn’t want to risk getting sick.  So I headed off for home.

My butt has been feeling bruised last night and I’m still looking for a remedy for that.  My leg muscles are a bite sore too but it’s not something I can’t handle.  I’m pretty excited to make this a daily exercise habit.  Wish me luck!

Cycling Lesson #1: Remember to stretch your muscles.

My Bike Helmet! Let's keep safe!


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  1. You found another way to sweat it out ha, yey for you!! Keep it up Sitse, just be careful when you’re riding along the highways. Wear your protective gears always before heading out.

  2. Great blog, did you use wordpress or blogengine? I made few blogs myself 🙂 It takes time but it is worth it!

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