The Cycling Chronicles: My Night Spin

I finished my bike ride 2 hours ago just to sweat off the excess fats I seemed to have gained from lunch (Bev’s birthday) and dinner (Bhing’s Wedding reception).  I’m resting up a bit before I hit the sack in a few minutes.  My left knee seems a bit overworked from pedaling but nothing that I can’t handle.  The small of my back is cranking up too but I’ll live.  Weird… I should be sleepy from the mixture of work and workout, but I’m still feeling up and about.  I don’t know if that’s a good sign or not though…

It’s relaxing to go biking at night.  However, I’m not downplaying possible threats in safety and security for myself.  So my next order of business would be to trick out the lighting and early warning accessories for my bike.

So far, so good.  If I gain enough confidence, highways will be my next target.  But for now, the leisurely pace I’m taking suits me just fine.  I hope though that in one month’s time I’ll be able to set a healthy and comfortable pace, and plot out my route in heading towards the office.

Cycling Lesson #2: Prioritize safety.


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  1. Great stuff lovely! 😀 I cant run and i cant bike so Keep at it! hahaha!

    With any activity always get yourself well hydrated 🙂 Stalk you later! xoxox

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