The Cycling Chronicles: Night Spin 2

Took my bike for another spin around the block around 10PM to 11PM.  Quite an experience.  I think I need to change my schedule though.  The cold night air seems to bite my skin and if mashed up with my sweat would lead to health issues.


So anyway, I’m thinking of changing my biking schedule on mornings.  Probably next week, or the week after that.

I just realized that I still have a few traumatic “humps” that I need to get over to be truly comfortable in my cycling.  Particularly… turning left.  I mean, OMG!  I’m left-handed and it’s supposed to be my strong side!  But the thought of turning on my left side (regardless if I turn slowly or not), gives me palpitations.

I hope I can get over it soon.  But for now, slowly practicing my turns would prove helpful during my bicycle rides.  Wish me luck!

Cycling Lesson #3: Plot out cycling schedules

Cycling Lesson #4: Practice turning


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