The Cycling Chronicles: The Morning After Rush

I rode my bike to work today.  I’m still rehashing it in my head if it was a good idea or a crazy one.  It was a good idea because I’d be able to adjust to a new schedule of cycling (late night bike runs are a bit… hazardous to one’s safety and health.  Not that I would avoid night cycling totally though!).  Crazy because I haven’t plotted out my proper route, and the weather seems to be erratic at its best.  LOL.

Nevertheless, I’ll live.

Once again I forgot to do some stretching exercises and my legs started to complain when I got to the highway.  The strain last night must have resurfaced adding to the pressure on my aching muscles.  But then again, I bask in the feeling of muscle pains after fitness activities.  It gives me proof that I’m really putting effort in keeping fit.  But I think I need to rest up a bit in the evenings to have more “firepower” in cycling during mornings.

My front wheels must have hit something sharp a few nights ago making it flat while heading off to work.  Good thing there was a vulcanizing shop nearby to cater to it.  Well… so far so good.  I’m not keen in buying a new set of wheels yet so I think a complete check-up is in order for my bike.  Plus!  I need to have a crash course in dismantling, assembling, and fixing a bicycle.  Time to get dirty!

Wish me luck!

Cycling Lesson #5: Always conduct a complete review and check-up (applicable in life too).



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  1. Keep up the energetic work. I enjoyed reading your series of adventures on your bike. 😉

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