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The Cycling Chronicles: Upgrade Phase 1

Just to share a few photos of what happened to my old bike before transforming it to look like something newer.

You should never attempt to disassemble your bike if you have no idea about how to reassemble it. Lest you suffer the fate of having spare parts for your ride rather than the whole deal.


spare parts

Nothing left but the wheel

Done by twilight!


Phase 1 almost complete!

Again, thanks to kuya ROCKY for making this possible! ūüôā


The Cycling Chronicles: Thoughts on Upgrading

I have been meaning to upgrade my bicycle since I started using it during my night cycling and going to work. ¬†Not because it wasn’t functioning well. ¬†It’s still in good condition and has been serving it’s purpose since day one.

Mountain Bike Parts (Photo taken from here)

So why upgrade?

If you’ve had your fair share in riding bicycles for a certain period of time, I think this word would make sense: SHOCKS. ¬†Suspension or for other bike terminologies –¬†Telescopic. ¬†Ok. ¬†I don’t do any off-road cycling (yet). ¬†But riding your bike over small bumps and rocky patches on the road are very bothersome, to say the least! ¬†The aftershocks that course through your body is quite manageable… but the body pains afterwards are a different story.

Moral of the story?  Always stretch before mounting your bike.  LOL.

Anyway, back to upgrading. ¬†One common problem I’ve encountered so far is the limited bike shops in my hometown. ¬†Okay, scratch that. ¬†There are a number of bike shops around, but all places that I seem to go to after work and during Sundays are closed. ¬†Ugh… ¬†I’ve contemplated in buying for parts online but I have a few hesitations… especially since I’m not familiar with bike parts and stuff. ¬†What would happen if I buy the wrong piece? ¬†In addition, I don’t have easy access in discussing with anyone on bicycle upgrade.


Speaking of luck… ¬†As luck would have it, there was one Saturday that I saw a bike shop still open after 5pm. ¬†Since I was in a rush to go home, I thought I’d just return after a few minutes. ¬†But when I got back, the store was closed. ¬†So last week, I decided to go there and thankfully the store was just starting to close up. ¬†So I asked the attendant if I could take a look around. ¬†He gave his thumbs up then after a couple of minutes of looking around, it was time to close. ¬†He offered that their main branch was open (half-day) on Sundays. ¬†And that they had more choices there.


So last Sunday, I was able to get to the store and have a look around.  There was one attendant who was kind enough to approach me (probably saw the confused look in my face) and chatted me up.  He understood where I was coming from and willingly offered his help in slowly upgrading my bike.  I showed him a couple of photos of spare parts I was considering buying through an online seller, then he gave me advise in the parts I needed to look out for.  He showed me a couple of choices for my bike frame (BLUE!) and options for shocks.  Since it was nearing closing time, kuya Rocky wanted to see my bike up close and personal to give a full recap on what I needed to purchase first.

(Online Spare Parts from Bikestuff Unltd)


Handle bars and stems (pretty colors!)

And his verdict?

Since I’m still a new biker, I should just take it slow in upgrading. ¬†I think this is to safekeep my wallet as well since I might not make this ¬†much of a habit. ¬†He agreed however that my target in upgrading my fork to shocks and change my frame was a good start. ¬†So we agreed he’d help me in looking for a good set of frames made of alloy, and shocks to cushion me during those bumpy rides.

I still have a lot to learn but this new venture seems promising. ¬†In addition, I was given an invitation to join their cycling group. ¬†I’d like that! ¬†But I think I need more practice first. ¬†I don’t think I can have an average speed of 40kph anytime soon. ¬†So I need to practice first!

Wish me luck!

The Cycling Chronicles: Service Vehicle

I bought my bike for the primary purpose in having my own service vehicle in going to the office, returning home, and running errands. The added exercise I get is a BIG BONUS in keeping fit. Due to some hesitations (and having my half-brother dropping me off to work), I never made it a daily habit. Saturdays and holidays were my ride-my-bike-to-work day.

On a whim, I decided to ride my bike for work yesterday. Good thing my slacks were stretchy enough to accommodate movement. It was the perfect time to try my cycling app on my iTouch in heading off to work – The Runtastic Roadbike. It’s an app that an individual can use for cycling, running, and race cycling.

Here’s a screenshot of my session in heading off to work (a bit longer than my usual period of 13 to 15 minutes):


Going home was another story though. With the weather inconsistencies, I ended up braving the rain in getting home. Half-expecting that the rain wouldn’t pour too much, I sped up going home.

Unfortunately, the rain had other plans. In reaching my 5th minute (the in-ear coach of Runtastic Roadbike informs the user of the elapsed time and number of kilometers) the rain poured… HARD and FAST. Rather than take shelter, I continued on to my destination. No point waiting out for the rain to stop. I was too rain-drenched anyway! Better to be home than waiting in the rain, too soaked up to dry with the wind blowing around.

After 14 minutes of cycling in the rain, I finally got home to dry myself off.


So I braved my first rainy bike cycling. But I had to take a half-day leave to fully rest my body.

Lesson learned: Always bring jacket!

Patriotism. It’s More Fun In The Philippines

I think each person is innately patriotic to their own native land.¬†¬† Regardless when one thinks that it’s always been the same ol’ same old… there is always a sense of mystery – something new and renewed – around every corner awaiting to be discovered.

No matter how adventurous a person may be, in his or her lifetime, the world is such a dynamic place with inhabitants constantly adapting to the changes and challenges that gets dictated by circumstance.

Thus, it was simply AMAZING being able to witness the teaser launch of Davao Region’s It’s More Fun In The Philippines video last March 31, 2012 during the Earth Hour 2012 celebration in Davao.¬† And frankly speaking,¬† I’ve been scouring the whole world wide web just to watch it again.¬† Thankfully, after 2weeks, I stumbled upon this website.

So I’m sharing this with you.

Some places I’ve already been to.¬† Others – nearby places – are places I never expected held so much appeal to local and foreign tourism.

Davao Region.

Patriotism.  Tourism.

I’ts more FUN in the Philippines!

The Cycling Chronicles: Conquering the Highways

It’s been quite a while since my last night cycling. With the threat for ones safety hanging around every corner regardless the time of day/night, I could only ride my back on Saturdays and holidays in going to and from work. Just imagine the excess fats I’ve accumulated so far. Depressing.

After a tiring and stressful day, cycling sounded like a good idea.

I’ve been meaning to try cycling along one of the highways in town (JP Laurel-Lanang). Half expecting my nerves to get the best of me, I was surprised that I had enough presence of mind in keeping safe while cycling alongside private and public vehicles AND TRUCKS!


It was only a leisurely ride but having the moments in free-cycling (?) was FUN and VERY EXHILIRATING!

Though I doubt losing weight by cycling might take a LONG time (do you guys have any cycling exercise tips I could use?), at least I’m conquering a few of my fears along the way and gain confidence in the choices I make.

Cycling is definitely a start!


I wasn’t the type of girl who imagined how my own “dream” wedding would play out… planning the details of the wedding… reception… vows… none.¬† Now that a number of my school batchmates have gotten married, have started a family and on the family way.¬† I feel so left behind.

It isn’t a rice.

It definitely isn’t.¬† But it doesn’t stop me from taking a step back, review my life, and start thinking things… missing things…

Being lonely.  Alone.

It’s not something I want to talk about out loud.¬† My words may not do it justice.¬† Trying to keep busy and doing other things but at the most inopportune moments, it creeps back into my thoughts.¬† And I’m feeling like such a LOSER.¬† I should be on top of these things, but I just can’t shake it off.

Emo much?

I guess it’s not really about settling down.¬† More of missing companionship.¬† Part of the pains of being an only child perhaps…

What’s next?

Food Trip Week with Mom

I should have posted this last week but I didn’t have any internet connection. ¬†So I’m making this tribute post to my only Mom especially since it’s her birthday today – April 7!

Since it’s Black Saturday today and she’ll be attending a vigil tonight, chances are the celebration would be held tomorrow.

Anyway, Mom and I have been in an eat-out frenzy from March 25 РMarch 30.  Initially we went out just to grab a couple of supplies for our new ice craze variations and snack foods when I asked my mom to have our lunch at Don Beppe.  An Italian restaurant located at The Peak in Gaisano Mall of Davao.

Don Beppe

Honestly, mom and I felt a bit out of place… If my dad was there, everything else would be just fine. ¬†Dad was such a personality that he could feel comfortable anywhere. ¬†Goes to show where I really take from. ¬†Nonetheless, their menu was quite daunting (more like the prices) so considering our budget, we opted for classic dishes with the Don Beppe twist. ¬†I ordered grilled steak, and mom got the tuna… something. ¬†I forgot. ¬†LOL.

Since they had free wifi, I got to check in on Foursquare then was able to go on Facetime with my aunt in Japan (teasing her with our food).

Complimentary Breadsticks

Table centerpiece

View on the outside

the counter

My order


our placemats

Just to humor my mom, I took a couple of her pictures at The Peak.


Our next date was for dinner at the most well-known restaurant in the Philippines…¬†JOLLIBEE!!!

For 2 straight nights, mom and I had dinner at Jollibee.  And yes, we still annoyed my teased my aunt about it.  Mom was constantly craving for their Crispy Bangus (Milkfish) value meal.  Plus, she finally got a taste of their new summer serving: Milo Mix-ins.

Milo Mix-in

Our last stop for the week was last Friday’s dinner at SUMOSAM. ¬†A new Japanese restaurant at Abreeza Mall.

Again, I felt out of place.  It would have been nice if dad was there.

So I ordered our food. ¬†A tonkatsu for me, and a Salmon dish for my mom. I wasn’t sure if they had any silverware for us to use but glancing around at the other customers, they were all using chopsticks. ¬†Thus… mom and I had no choice… chopsticks it is. ¬†Dinner was fun and stressful. ¬†Fun and stressful because mom kept laughing when I told her we won’t be returning there (chopsticks were such a challenge!!!). ¬†And when I was on my last spoon err… stick, she noticed that the customers eyeing us earlier on the other table before us were using spoon and fork. ¬†ARGH!! Talk about late news flash! ¬†Nevertheless, it was fun and a very fulfilling meal.

So that’s it for now! ¬†I wonder where we will be celebrating tomorrow? ¬†Hmm… I better search for other places to go to. ¬†Suggestions anyone?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Break From Work

Has it been more than a month already since my last post? ¬†Gosh… I’ve been SO BUSY at work and other stuff that I haven’t been able to just sit down and blog. ¬†In fact, I’m still a bit tired from a business trip to Iligan City (about a 12-hour bus ride from my hometown) to attend a Job Fair last April 2 -4. ¬†My mind is still stressed out from the nonstop interviews and long travel alone. ¬†Thankfully it’s Holy Week so I get to take a few days break before returning to work.

It was my first time in traveling to Iligan City. ¬†And being alone during travels wasn’t exactly safe. ¬†But needing an adventure and break from the office, I was willing to go (and besides, it was the company’s expense). ¬†Just to be sure though, I checked with the bus line if there were any trips on Holy Thursday. ¬†It wouldn’t do me any good if I got stranded there during my long weekend (plus I’d hate to miss my mom’s birthday!). ¬† After the assurance from the bus company that there would still be trips returning to Davao, I proceeded with my preparations. ¬†And since my mobile line wasn’t on an unlimited data plan, I checked for any available daily unlimited plans my service provider offered. ¬†Luckily there was! ¬†So all I needed to do was register (depending on my preferred number of days) and I was all set. ¬†Since my phone has tethering as well, it worked on my advantage in bouncing my mobile signal via wifi, enabling my iTouch to get its signal. ¬†Thank you techie-ness. ¬†For Sun Cellular subscribers, click here for the details.

¬†Just to be extra sure that I wouldn’t get totally lost (and know exactly where I was along the trip), I utilized my iTouch¬†map¬†for my convenience. ¬†Below you will find that there are 2 routes in getting to Iligan. ¬†In terms of distance, the first route would have been the faster way (the one I took) especially if you had your own car, but due to road repairs along the highways it still took quite a long time in getting to my destination.

via BUDA route

via Butuan route

Job Fair

It was the first job fair I participated in with my new Company and it has been 2 years since the last one I attended with my previous employer. ¬†I was half-expecting to be bored to death but I was literally deluged with a number of fresh graduates eagerly applying with our company. ¬†Their eager faces, skeletal resumes, and idealistic responses during their one-on-one interview with me was quite endearing… bringing me back to days that I was also a part of that crowd.

fresh from their graduation celebration the day before

How I wish it were so simple.

Anyway, with all the applicants I have gathered for pending hiring and pooling, I’m excited how their lives would turn if hired with our company. ¬†More work for me.


Joining the bandwagon in bringing home specialties from places traveled, I brought home Iligan’s well-known¬†Cheding’s Peanuts. ¬†Too bad though mom’s not allowed to eat TOO MUCH nuts (it’s her favorite!).

Cheding's Peanuts

My job schedule has been very hectic lately. ¬†The constant turnovers from one of our companies are quite difficult to handle and I myself becoming like duck’s feet underwater trying to stay afloat. ¬†I had to be responsible in retrenching and terminating a number of employees in another company. ¬†Seeing people cry over the loss of their means of income is very DRAINING to say the least! ¬†I just want to get rid of the negative vibes I get when I have to confront the displaced employees. ¬†Sometimes I get to thinking that I chose the right course but the WRONG career. ¬†Speaking of which, I was planning on taking up post-graduate studies. ¬†But with how my boss is, I doubt I’ll be able to pursue it. ¬†Sure I’ve discussed it with him but he keeps thinking that I’ll be leaving my work unattended. ¬†Regardless of the justifications I’ve made, I sense that I’m not going anyway with that conversation.


Anyway, we’ll see ¬†in the coming days.

By the way, here are a few photos I took during my bus ride going to and from Iligan.

Ice Craze Variations

Remember my Ice Craze business? ¬† Well, I hardly expected that we’d get a lot of customers. ¬†But for the past few months in operations, we were able to have a small following of students until the end of the school year.

Now that summer is here, another challenge is being presented to my small business. ¬†With students on their summer break, only our neighbors and friends come by to order. ¬†But it’s okay. ¬†At least I’ll have more time to improve what we will be offering.

Speaking of which, as part of our summer treat variations, I’m offering (per order only) Halo-halo and Mais con Hielo (both are specialties in our country). ¬†I’ve already practiced making halo-halo (which I seem to have gotten it right) but I still need to improve on my mais con hielo.


mais con hielo trial

In addition, I’m practicing making flying saucers (an old school favorite of mine). ¬†It’s a sandwich in a burger bun flattened in a hamburger toaster. ¬†Hopefully it makes the cut on the customers!!

The flying saucers

So that’s it for the moment! ¬†I’m also planning on making snow cones, but I don’t know how to make them. ¬†Research mode on!

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